From: Josh <> Subject: [PW!] A Bag Full of Moon Stones Date: Thursday, February 24, 2000 7:42 PM -A Bag Full of Moon Stones-Episode 06 It was not long until Zane & Pikachu reached Mt. Moon. They stopped at the foot of the Mountain and stared in amazement. Zane has heard many rumors about Mt. Moon. He was hoping to spend a lot of time in the Mountain, but he had to hurry up if he wanted to get to the S.S. Anne in time. He then walked into the not so dark cave. Zane, who received a broken arm from Team Rocket, had to be cautious of where he stepped. While walking, he started to think about the dream that he always has. "Red, Blue, Green, Black.Find the others," he says to himself, "That's what they always say to me." All of a sudden, he stops walking and stands still. "Yellow," he says to Pikachu, "They said Yellow in my last dream too. That's the first time they 've ever said something different." As he thinks about what it means, he hears a screeching noise. He looks up and sees a Zubat. "A Zubat," he says, "Go get him Pikachu." Pikachu jumps off of Zane's shoulder and chases the flying Zubat around the cave. "Pikachu, Thundershock," Zane says as he points at the flying Zubat. Pikachu uses his Thundershock and hits the Zubat. Zane, with his one good arm, takes a Pokeball and throws it at the fallen Zubat. The Pokeball lands on the Zubat and takes it in. The Pokeball shakes for a little while, then stops. "Alright, I caught Zubat," Zane says as he picks up the Pokeball. He then looks up and sees a boy standing there. He's about 6'3" and looks like he weighs around 160 of muscle. He has a shaved head and looks very intimidating. "Hey," he says down at Zane, "What's your name?" ".Zane," Zane says as he has a hand near his Pokeballs, ready to battle. "I'm Matt," he says, "Do you want to battle?" ".No." Zane replies, " I've had enough of fighting for a little while," Zane says as he starts to walk away. "What happened to your arm?" Matt asked. "I broke it in a battle," he lied because he thought that this would make the conversation go quicker. Matt then looked at Zane with a look of uncertainty. "You don't trust me, do you?" Matt asked. ".No.You cant have my must be earned," Zane says, as he walks through Mt. Moon, leaving Matt behind. As he walked through the mountain, he was challenged by many trainers, and he refused them all. Zane wondered why their weren't many Pokemon in the caves. He thought it was just that their were so many trainers in the cave that the Pokemon were all afraid to come out. He saw signs that said that Cerulean City was just ahead. While walking, he saw two men from Team Rocket looking around the cave for something. "If we don't find more Moon Stones, the boss will have us killed," one man said to the others. "Here's one!" one man yelled out. "Just stick it in the bag with the rest," another man said. Zane saw the man take the "Moon Stone" and put it in a little plastic bag. The man then left to go tell their boss, Zane then started to back up, afraid that he would be seen. He turned around and tripped over a rock and landed on his face, as well as his broken arm. He let out a little yell as he felt the pain of his arm. "Well, well, well," one man said, "We got us a sneak over here." Zane slowly gets up and once again gets ready to battle. "So you wanna battle little boy," the man taunted. This member of Team Rocket was around 6'0" and looked very mean. "Hey," Zane heard as he started to look around, "Leave him alone." He turned around and he saw Matt standing there, with a Pokeball in his hand. "If you wanna battle, you can battle me," Matt said to the member of Team Rocket. "Fine by me.Go Voltorb," the man says as he releases his Pokemon. "Go Eevee," Matt says, releasing his Eevee from his Pokeball. Zane started to think that this was looking too familiar. "Eevee, this isn't a very strong Pokemon, one Take Down attack should do the trick. Eevee nods his head and charges the Voltorb, hitting it dead on and knocking it out. The Team Rocket member recalled his Voltorb and ran out of the cave, leaving the mysterious bag behind. "Are you alright?" Matt asks as he recalls Eevee. "Yeah, I'm fine," Zane says softly, "Thanks for your help." "No problem," Matt says, "Are you heading for Cerulean City?" "Yeah," Zane replies as he rubs the cast around his broken arm. "Listen, you may need help since you have a broken arm, do you want me to come with you?" Matt asks. Zane looks into Matt's eyes and smiles. "Sure," he says, "I trust you." Matt smiles back and they start to walk down the cave. Zane stops beside the bag and looks in it. "What's in it?" Matt asks. "It's a bag full of Moon Stones," Zane replies. He asks Matt to put the bag in his backpack and they continue to walk down the cave. They then reach the exit of Mt. Moon and then Cerulean City.