From: Time Lady <> Subject: [PW!][League]A lull in the action Date: Wednesday, January 12, 2000 7:42 AM At the league competition, the participants are having well earned rests while the judges and board calculate the points and determine which trainers are going to the final level. Members of the team formerly (yet informally) known as the Mount Moon Crew are taking the opportunity to relax and get in a little training. Except for Christy, who is currently partaking of the shopping bonanza offered by all the stalls set up to hawk merchandise to the competition goers. After a lot of searching, Sarah Jane has found a nice quiet grassy area away from all the bustle. Her grandfather was doing an informal lecture at the pokemon center, answering questions about advanced studies at the University of Rosetta, while her grandmother was at a meeting of Pokemon breeders. Shields appeared to be dozing in the grass, though the Mr. Mime was keeping a wary eye on the younger Pokemon. Spunky was getting a taste as his own medicine as Pteryx the baby Aerodactyl decided that the juvenile male Nidoran's tail was a plaything. His sister was currently curled up asleep in Sarah Jane's lap. Spunky kept turning round and round, trying to keep his front to Pteryx and his tail away from her. Sarah Jane thoughtfully looked through her Pokedex while trying to keep an eye on Pteryx and Spunky. Biting her lower lip, she identified a few of her pokemon as in extreme need of training. Her Voltorb was a must.... she desparately needed a true electric pokemon on her team. The Dewgong would do nicely as an Ice pokemon, with perhaps her shellder as a backup.... and the new staryu had potential as her kingler's backup. Her hardest choice would be a new bird pokemon. Her late Fearow Bombadier would be difficult to replace. Sybil had some training... but the Doduo was generally stuck to the ground with its weak wings. There were times that taking to the air was vitally important in a battle. Sarah Jane had seen many battles move to the air over a field. She sighed. Her other choice was the Pidgey Hato- kun.... who was untrained in battle. Well, that would have to change. Since her grandparents still held on to Cuddles and Spunky's Pokeballs, Sarah Jane had more flexibility in switching her Pokemon for training. Best to take it one pokemon at a time, she thought. Looking around, she saw some Rattatas nearby. After a mental note to work on her own Rattata later on, she threw out her Pokeball. "Go Cherrybomb!" "VOLTORB!" The Voltorb practically crackled with energy. Sarah Jane had to laugh as she remembered how she got it.... Only Candi would mistake a Voltorb for a giant Pokeball. "Cherrybomb, tackle attack!" "NI!" yelped Spunky as Pteryx nipped his tail. He growled warningly at the baby Aerodactyl, who thought it was a game. "AAAWWWWKKK!" returned Pteryx, thinking she had to do the same as Spunky. Shields warily opened one of his eyes, ready to intervene if Spunky tried to hurt the baby. Spunky instead growled and backed away towards Sarah Jane. He looked at his sister sleeping peacefully, then without warning pushed her out of Sarah Jane's lap. "RAN!" protested Cuddles as she awoke with a start. She glared at her brother. Sarah Jane was too involved in monitoring her training of Cherrybomb to worry about what the nidos were up to. "Do. Ni ran," stated Spunky as he took Cuddles place in Sarah Jane's lap. Cuddles continued to glare at her brother, then with a flick of her tail, she walked over to where Pteryx was futily flapping her underdeveloped wings and jumping, as if trying to fly. It took very little coaxing for Pteryx to jump on Cuddles back. She knew the baby wanted to play, and that her brother was being a poor sport of things. Next time he wanted to play, he'd get it for sure. Pteryx perched on Cuddles back and flapped her wings while Cuddles ran back and forth, until both were tired. Cuddles came back over to Sarah Jane and curled up next to her, while Pteryx nestled close to her "sister." After a couple of hours of training Cherrybomb, Sarah Jane recalled the voltorb. She checked her pokedex and was pleased with the Voltorb's progress. It had gained several levels and new skills in the last couple of hours. She moved Spunky out of her lap and began unpacking lunch, which served to rouse the 4 dozing pokemon. "So there you are," she heard a voice say behind her. Looking up, she saw Damian and Drake. "Oh, hi," said Sarah Jane with a smile. "I was trying to do some training with some of my Pokemon. We're just taking a lunch break. Would you like to join us?" -- (o)_(o) || Time Lady, _(^*^)_ ||, (__ __) || Visit the Mystic Manor Homepage /_/\_\ || Sent via Before you buy.