From: <> Subject: Re: [PW!][League]A lull in the action Date: Tuesday, January 25, 2000 9:34 AM In article <86irei$lm1$>, "Miki no Miko" <> wrote: > > Time Lady <> wrote in message > news:86ikql$6bt$ > <snip> > > Back at the central pavillion, Damian and Sarah Jane checked in at the > > main desk. "Here you go," said the attendant as she handed Sarah Jane > > a fishing pole. "Fish away. The Magikarp you catch will have the > > number of your next opponent." With a shrug, Sarah Jane dropped the > > line into the tank. About a minute later she pulled up a > > Magikarp. "Your opponent will be Kyle Richter," said the attendant. > > > > Sarah Jane passed the fishing pole to Damian so he could take his turn. > > > > > <TBC?> > > "Guys! Hey! Guys!" Kat yelled, waving as she and Mari made her way over to > where Sarah Jane and Damian were. "Hey! How's stuff going?" She asked. "Is > the tournament over?" > "No," replied Sarah Jane. "We're finding out opponents now for the final > round." (OOC: If this isn't the final round coming up, ignore that part.) > She looked to Mari. "Who's this?" > "Oh, yeah." Kat grinned. "Sarah Jane, Mari. Mari, Sarah Jane." > Mari smiled politely and bowed her head. "Nice to meet you." > (OOC: My PW! vacation is over... time to get back to work...) Over a couple of counters... "I'm sorry. We are not yet ready to begin the drawings for the 0-6 bracket. Come back again later, Gads." "When?" "Sorry, I don't know this. Only the chairman of the League decides this." Gads slumped over. For the first couple of days, the break had been great, but today isn't exactly a day to spend at the cabin... ***Flashback (Kinda)*** Gads was returning from a training session with Dow. He looked down at the Drowzee's Pokeball with some disdain. "He's never going to learn anything... including self-control." As he prepared to open the cabin door, he heard something going on inside... "Key, key!" "One moment, Monk-chan..." "Man?" *Sigh* "Yes my lord and master, your banana smoothie is coming right up" "?" Gads just stood there for a moment, puzzled. Mara was waiting hand and foot... on Monk-chan? This was... odd, to say the least. Gads prepared to open the door... "Heya Gads!" Andrew ran up from behind. "Hey, I've been looking for ya!" "Yeah?" "I needed to ask ya for a favor." "What is it?" Gads tilted his head questioningly. "Well... one moment, and I'll show you." Andrew walked past Gads, inside the cabin. For a moment, all was silent. Then suddenly... *SMASH* "Ieeeeeee..." Gads ducked just in time to avoid a flying Andrew. Gads didn't waste any time in chasing after the figure. Fortuantely, Andrew crash-landed in a pile of flyers that had been there announcing the various delays of round 5. Gads looked at Andrew, then the cabin, then Andrew again. "What in the hell was THAT all about?" "Nidoran... cute, CUTE Nidoran... definately FEMALE..." Andrew, apparently, was out of it. "Wha? You're not making any sense." Gads shook Andrew to no avail. "Man, I gotta talk to Mara about her temper..." Gads headed towards the cabin. As he arrived he walked in the door. "Mara, why did you send Andrew soaring out..." Gads stopped mid-way thought. In front of him was Mara, bending down over Monk-chan, who was lounging on Mara's AND his own pillows, holding a banana smoothie with a straw and a paper umbrella. However, that was only part of it. The other part was Mara's... "servent" outfit. It wasn't a typical maid dress, or even a French Maid dress... "Ni... ni... nidoran. Heh... heh... HA HA HA HA!" Gads couldn't help it anymore. He started laughing. Mara glared at him. Of course, when someone was laughing at your outfit, you would too. Then again, if all your outfit consisted of was a modified black leotard, covering FAR less it was showing, a pair of Nidoran ears, and a tail, you'd probably get mad too if someone started laughing at you. "Get LOST!" Mara began stalking over towards Gads. Knowing better then to remain in Mara's way, Gads quickly made for the exit, laughing all the way. As he left, he pondered why Mara, in THAT outfit, was waiting hand-and-foot on his Mankey... ***End Flashback*** Gads looked over. There was a boy, slightly younger than him, standing next to a very young-looking girl, fishing for his opponent. "Geez, some people have all the luck... hey, didn't I meet those two at the Big P? Damian and Sarah... Sarah Jane, I think..." Gads shrugged, walked over to one side of the tank, and watched. Who knew, maybe the announcement for the drawings of the 0-6 bracket would begin soon. Or else he'd look just as bored as he was, and just watch some fishing. Either way, he was bored out of his mind, and going back to the cabin was NOT an option. Settling down, waved to the duo fishing, then to the two just behind them, giving a fanged grin the entire time, then settled down for some "exciting" fishing action. TBC? From your friendly, neighborhood LORDLOCKE Sent via Before you buy.