From: Time Lady <> Subject: Re: [PW!][League]A lull in the action Date: Friday, January 14, 2000 9:52 AM In article <>, Continue <> wrote: > Time Lady wrote: > > >"Oh, hi," said Sarah Jane with a smile. "I was trying to do some > >training with some of my Pokemon. We're just taking a lunch break. > >Would you like to join us?" > > Damian responded "Sounds good" while Drake nodded. The young > trainer set down his backpack and started to look through it. "I knew I > forgot to get something. I donít have any pokefood." > > The Dragonite responded immediately. "Alright, give me some cash and > Iíll go get some. I wanted to try Brockís brand, been hearing good > things about it." > > Sarah Jane smiled once again as she said to Drake "You donít need to > get some right now. I have some extra." > > The Dragonite shook his head. "Actually, Iím just making an excuse to > leave. The more time I can keep my tail from being a chewtoy, the > better." > > At this, Sarah Jane gave a small laugh. "Spunkyís been quiet, and I > think that heís more interested in eating at the moment." As if to > illustrate her point, the Male Nidoran was starting to look into Sarah > Janeís pack. > "Hey!" exclaimed Sarah Jane as she fished Spunky out of her pack. "You wait your turn." > Drake turned from looking at the small poison pokemon. "And after > heís finished eating, heíll be hard at work earning his name Iím sure. If > itís all the same to the pair of you, Iíll just go pick up the pokechow." > The Dragonite hastily collected the money from Damian and waved > while heading off to leave. > "He missed Spunky getting a taste of his own medicine," giggled Sarah Jane. "Pteryx was chasing Spunky's tail earlier." > As Damian sat down, he started his part of the conversation with "So > you were doing some training?". Above the young trainerís right > shoulder Bulletproof seemed to echo him "Magne?" > "Training's nothing to worry about," Sarah Jane told the magnemite as she put Pokechow into Cuddles and Spunky's bowls. The two hungry Nidorans were there in a flash. Spunky began scarfing his meal, while Cuddles too her time. "Huh?" asked Damian. Sarah Jane pulled out Shield's poke chow. The Mr. Mime began his own lunch. "He's nervous about training," explained Sarah Jane. She took out a bottle of baby food meat sticks and began breaking them into little pieces. Pteryx, recognizing the bottle, hopped onto Sarah Jane's leg and squawked, her mouth open like that of hungry baby bird. Obligingly Sarah Jane fed the baby Aerodactyl pieces of the ground meat sticks. "He must have heard me and Drake talking about it. Drake said he needed some training." "It's a good idea to have pokemon trained so all your weak areas are covered. I haven't given my Ponyta any training other than what she received at the ranch, so I need to work on her. I also need a good flying pokemon on my team. I'm planning to have at least 2 of each type of pokemon on my team, so I always have a back-up. It's not a good idea to rely on only 1 or 2 Pokemon all the time." "You're right," said Damian. "I guess I should also catch a few more pokemon." "Make sure what you have is trained first," said Sarah Jane. "Otherwise you find yourself with too many pokemon to train at once. At least half of my pokemon haven't been trained since I caught them, and I need to change that." "Magnemite?" "You may get hurt, if your opponent is stronger than you," said Sarah Jane. "But if you're faster and smarter, and Damian calls the right moves, there's less chance you'll get hurt." "Mag. Mag ne mite." "Cuddles and Spunky train, even though they're still very young. The important thing is that you try your hardest." "What's he...." Damian's comment was cut off abruptly by a yelp and a growl. They turned to where the Nidorans were eating and found Cuddles standing over her own bowl protectively, growling in warning, while Spunky sported a huge scratch across his face. Spunky's own bowl was empty. He looked more surprised than injured. "That's what you get for rushing through your meal and trying to steal Cuddles' food," admonished Sarah Jane. "Maybe next time you'll think before you do. And don't eat so fast." She poured a little more pokechow into Spunky's bowl. "What are you going to do with those two?" said Damian, shaking his head as he watched Spunky devouring his 2nd bowl while Cuddles warily returned to her own lunch. "Some days I just don't know." "Anyhow, I was about to ask what Bulletproof was saying." "He's nervous about training. You're going to have to work on building his confidence first. If you were to try and put him into a big battle now, I don't think he could handle it. Better start very simple and work your way up," she suggested as she returned to feeding Pteryx. -- (o)_(o) || Time Lady, _(^*^)_ ||, (__ __) || Visit the Mystic Manor Homepage /_/\_\ || Sent via Before you buy.