From: Continue <> Subject: Re: [PW!][League]A lull in the action Date: Sunday, January 23, 2000 2:50 PM Time Lady wrote: >"I guess with my grandparents, I've grown up learning just about >everything Pokemon Tech teaches you anyway, so going there would >have been a waste of time." > >"Yeah. But what are you going to do after you get your badges and go >to the Elite 4?" > >Sarah Jane looked thoughtful. "I guess I'll go to Saffron for a while." > >"Oh?" > >"I'm going to have to work with Sabrina. When I confronted those >Pokemon-nappers.... I just lost it. I'm afraid of that happening again >if I become upset or angry. If I don't learn how to control these >abilities, I may do something I'm really sorry for afterwards. I've >been practicing on my own. I can move small things a little bit if I >concentrate." She looked over to where Shields was supervising >Pteryx, who was playing with a pokedoll. She was standing back a >little, looking at the doll with her head tilted to the side. Sarah Jane >looked at it and concentrated. After about a minute, the PokeDoll >move. It moved about 3 inches before Pteryx squawked and grabbed it >with her mouth. Sarah Jane blinked as she lost her concentration. > >"Whoa... cool..." > >"When I lost control.... I threw Nori, some loudmouthed Wartortle, >and a couple of other Rockets across an alley with my mind...." said >Sarah Jane in a low voice. "I did it barely thinking...." > >"Yeah, but think of all the psychic backup you had. 2 Alakazams, a >Hypno, and a Mr. Mime with you." > >"It was still scary though." Sarah Jane took of her glasses, put them >on her leg, and began to rub her eyes. Spunky, seeing an opportunity >for fun, grabbed the glasses in his mouth and took off running. > >"HEY!" shouted Sarah Jane. She tried to grab for him but missed >completely. "I can't see a thing without my glasses! Spunky, you get >back here!" The frisky Nidoran ran a short distance away and looked >at everyone, daring them to chase him. Damian quickly got up and said "I think he still wants to play. Let me see if I can get it from him." The young trainer sprinted towards Spunky, but the Nidoran took off as fast he could. Pteryx saw this happening and decided that it looked like more fun than the pokedoll that she was playing with. The baby Aerodactyl quickly joins the chase as well. "Be careful! Donít let him break my glasses." shortly after Sarah Jane says this, Pteryx uses her wings to make a leap and almost gets Spunky. She starts to run after Spunky, but she isnít very fast yet and begins to use wing-assisted hops to keep up. The inclusion of Pteryx in the chase causes Damian to stop short. He catches his breath while Sarah Jane asks with concern n her voice "Whatís going on?" "I canít chase him. Pteryx is chasing after Spunky now and I donít want to accidentally hurt her." "This is so frustrating. Thereís not much I can do, all I can see are blobs." "I think Iíve got an idea that will get the glasses away from him without breaking them." Damian looks at the Magnemite faithfully hovering over his right shoulder. "I hope you can understand everything Iím about to tell you to do, Bulletproof." "I can help with that." Sarah Jane interjects. "What?" "Bring Bulletproof over and tell him your plan. If itís not understanding something, Iíll make sure it can understand." "Okay." Damian goes over to Sarah Jane and the details of the plan are passed along to the Magnemite. In the meantime, Spunky has run by Cuddles in an attempt to get her to play. The female Nidoran seems far less interested in her brother than in her adopted baby sister. Shields seems equally concerned about the youngster and the Mr. Mime joins the chase in pursuit of the Aerodactyl, who is now flapping her wings to get more out of every leap that she makes. Damian watches the chase and waits for the right moment. Spunky turns his head to look back at his pursuers and the young trainer signals his Magnemite. Bulletproof disappears in a small flash of light and reappears two feet away from Spunky, in front of the male Nidoran but off to the side in the direction that his head is now turned. The magnets on either side of it glow. Spunky notices the Magnemite right as he is about to pass it by. He is surprised as the pair of glasses are suddenly pulled out from under his oversized incisors by an unseen force. The Nidoran stops short in confusion, uttering a "Ni?", before being pounced upon by Pteryx. Shields stops and watches to make sure Pteryx doesnít get hurt as she playfully nips at Spunky. Right as the metal frame of Sarah Janeís glasses contacts one of Bulletproofís magnets, a loud crunching sound is heard. "Oh, no, my glasses!" Sarah Jane says, but she is nearly drowned out halfway through as a manís voice shouts out "Hey!" Damian quickly gets in "It wasnít your glasses.", before the pair of trainers hear another shout the voice that they just heard. "You have no right to do that! Iím a member of the press and thatís an expensive piece of equipment that you just crushed." A different, but more familiar male voice can be heard. "And you donít have any right to spy on people and take pictures of them without their permission. If you want to argue the point Iíve got a bag full of a couple of dozen cans of Brockís Best brand of pokechow and a swing that can shatter concrete." "Iíll -" "Youíll what?" the voice which the trainers have now recognized as belonging to Drake asks with a deep and threatening growl in it. Retreating footsteps can be heard shortly before the Dragonite comes around the tree that had been blocking the view of the exchange. Bulletproof floats over to Damian who hands the glasses that it has back to Sarah Jane. As she puts them on, she asks to no one in particular "Donít they ever quit?" As he hands the shopping bag over to Damian, Drake gives the response "As a whole they may be persistent, but I donít think weíll see this one again. Most humans still react to primitive stimulus, like being threatened by something much bigger and more powerful than they are. By the way, while I was shopping I saw a notification that the new League games match-ups have been decided upon. You two should probably check it out." <TBC?> Jeff Hauser* *Sig Sold Seperately