From: Shimarisu <> Subject: Re: [PW!] All Aboard the S.S. Anne! Date: Wednesday, February 23, 2000 8:50 AM In article <88vd3s$srd$>, wrote: > Tiki had been sitting on the beach chair for sometime now and ha > dbegun people watching. He was still relaxing and would have been > quite content to have stayed there for awhile. Except he saw somehting > more interesting, he looked over at a guy coming on board who was > bleeding quite badly. No one seemed to notice it, but the blood was > seeping into the guy instea dof coming out. Tiki walked over to the > guy quite calmly, "Hey you alright? I couldn't help noticing that you > were absorbing blood into your body." > An awful lot of teenaged, male trainers….. An awful lot of teenaged, male trainers wearing Pokemon league caps…. With blood all over them…. Tiki's image blurred and swam before Nisemon's eyes. He felt tremendously nauseous, all of a sudden. "Hahahahaahahaaa! You murderer," went a little voice in Nisemon's mind. He clamped his hand to his ear, almost expecting it to go away. But it didn't. "You murdered somebody in cold blood," said Nisemon's conscience, or what he assumed was his conscience. "Hang on," thought Nisemon. "I have a conscience?" Another voice, slightly higher this time. "No, stupid Ditto. You care about nothing. Least of all humans." "Sure I care about humans!" Nisemon's mind screamed. "Because I am one!" "Yep, too right." The first voice mocked him again. "You're a real boy now. And you can't be a girl any more, can you? James will *never* notice you…" "But don't give a shit about…." He glanced at Tiki. The kid was staring. It suddenly occurred to Nisemon that he was voicing his objections out loud. "I'm fine…." He tried to reassure the trainer, hoping that he would go away. But Tiki continued to stare… "No, you are not FINE!" screeched the irritating, whiny voice in Nisemon's mind. "You are a FAILED EXPERIMENT! I bet you don't even understand a word I'm saying!" "No," he told the voices in his head. "I don't understand a word any of you are saying." "I hope that kid isn't *really* dead," Nisemon thought to himself, as he blacked out. - TBC? - Shimarisu Sent via Before you buy.