From: syke108 ( Subject: Re: [PW!] All Aboard the S.S. Anne! Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/09 > "I... uh... um..." Splash trailed off. The truth was, being without Murasaki, > or anyone else for that matter, left him kind of lonely. The picture he had > framed in his pocket of Murasaki didn't capture the real beauty of the real > person. And... and... he missed her. > > Then an idea came to Splash. He had seen it happen in the third episode of one > of his favorite television shows. This girl and a guy had had a fight, and the > girl was following the guy because she wanted to stay with him, even though she > told him that it was really the fastest way out of the forest, and that was why > she was following him. Maybe that wasn't the exact reason, he had probably > forgotten some of the main points of that scene he had just thought of, but > that couldn't be helped. Splash would apply that scene as he remembered it to > this situation. > > "I'm following you because this happens to be the fastest way back up to the > deck," Splash replied. Actuyally it's the only out for us," said Cajava, doing her best to make sure her skin didn't come in contact with the liquid that was spreading on the ground. Luckily, her choice of attire was enough to keep her from getting wet and transforming at this time. Cajava walked to the stirs and tossed over her shoulder, "Well, if you want to impress Marisaka or whatever her name is, you better think up a new pickup line. That simple 'easiest way' has been done already by an annoying little whelp who sold her life to a TV show." Cajava continued up the stairs, followed closely by Splash. Upon reching the top, she noticed that she had lost Karuko somewhere on the ship. oh well, she'd find her friend later. She looked at Splash. "Well, little TRoublemaker, it's been nice meeting you. i hope you find your friend soon. Maybe we'll see each other during the cruise." At that, she turned around and headed to her cabin for a nice nap, leaving Splash confused. he eventually went back to searching for the love of his life. Blob beside her, cajava headed into her cabin. upon entering, she closed the door behind her and stripped dwon a little, then got under the covers of her bed and fell asleep, Blob under head as a pillow. TBC? (not for a while) -- A battle with Spearow flying in, A battle with Snorlax, he's not thin! A battle with Vaporeon's what I like! A battle with Jigglypuff on the mike! A battle with Mewtwo, he's the man! A battle with Eevee, I'm a fan! A battle with Pinsir would be fine! Pokéball Go! And they're all mine!