From: AngelusWvW <> Subject: (PW) Angels first catch Date: Sunday, February 20, 2000 9:58 AM Angel walked alone along the quite windong path that lead away fro Pallet town, he had come to see professor oak. After ariving he desided not to and left. Walking a scuffle alert him to anothers presence, Angel looks sharply around and sees a small figure disapear behind a tree. Angel quickly pulls a pokeball from his pocket, with out a word Gatly come out. "Dru get it" Gastly launchs a Psychic attack knocking the silent intuded staight on to it back. Angel walks over and nudge the creature into the light. There in the light lies a Nidorian m. Silently Angel pulls out a Pokeball and drops in onto the unconsious creature. suddenly the creature moves and the ball misses. The Nidorian runs off. Angel points and gastly Flies effortly after it, Gastly over take the panting Nidoran and casts Hypnosis, the Nidorians body freezes and rolls forward from the momentum. Gastly Picks up th Nidoran and carries back to Angel, who stands silently in the shadows of a large tree. Angel takes the same ball and drops it on to the Nidoran, it goes silently inside, the ball wobbles and stops. Angel opens his coat and the ball attachs its self to his waist. He turns and walks off over the hill, his long coat blowing in the wind. ((yay i got nidoran)) You just cant hold back the garage sound, bubbling and the the room BOOM. SpidEy G. Garage Forever