From: AngelusWvW <> Subject: (PW!!) Angels first gym battle Date: Sunday, February 27, 2000 8:46 AM Angel Bangs on the gym door, the sun is slowly rising in the background. The door opens with a grumble " was that you knocking last night" Angel nods and enters. The man walks to one end of the court. He turns to face Angel "3 pokemon of your choice, no other rules" Angels looked down at his coat there was not a question as to what pokemon to use. The man through a ball and a massive Onix appeard. Angel looked up his eys glowing blue, the man looked on amazed "huh, what are you" Silently Angel coat opened and a ball floated out, with a wave of his hand the ball opened, Gastly flew out. The Onix roared at Gastly, Gastly laughed as he floated up and spun rapidly around Onixs head his eye tried to keep up with Gastly. The man looked annoyed "hey, buddie, im not fighting you if you can control our pokemon". Angel flicked his wrist and gastly flew down and hovered next to Angel. The man was extremely angry Angel for showing off, "Onix Bind him hard" Gastly floated forward and allowed himself to get caught, he then flew straight through Onix, and cast a mega drain. Onix roared as his strenght was sucked away Onix collapsed on the floor. The man ran out "enough" he tried to knock Gastly away. Gastly floated back. The man looked over at Angel he was lent against the wall he had a grin on his face that suggested that maybe he wasn`t all there. "Gastly, Mega drain again" Gastly cast another mega drain the Onix wiggled on the floor. The man ran over to Angel "call it off" he raised his arm to punch angel, he swung and hit straight at Angel, at the moment of impact the flesh struck the stone wall, Angel materialised behind the man pushing his face into the wall, he lowered his hand to the base of the mans neck, and pushed it against the wall. He pushed his other hand in to the mans face" The Badge, Now!. Then i might make him stop" The man reached inside his pocket and dropped the boulder badge into Angels hand. Angel let the man fall to the floor and watched and he struggled to control his pain. Angels coat opened and a ball rushed over to gastly, who silently entered the ball, the ball flew back to Angels waist. "easy badge" Angel laughed as he walked out of the Gym. Angel shook his head his eyes returned to normal he looked around at the Onix who by now had stopped moving, then at the still body of the man, ass he could hear was the breath the the two creatures. "why!!"Angel drops to his knees screaming. Inside his head he hears the voice that he has wrestled with since his child hood " why do you, after all these year still struggle against me, im you your me, im your ID((a Xeno gears reference)) Angel stands "no im not like you, your a killer" the voice replies "and your not, remeber our parents" Angel stops "What!, what happened to them tell me" The voice didn`t reply -------------------------------------<____________________>--------------- --------------------------- Like a turtle with out a shell, touch my fingers with out my finger tips, two feet with ot their toes, like a rave without my Flow. Oh No.