From: Andrusi <andyvvv@aol.comagnemite> Subject: [PW!] Attack of the Killer Electrodes Date: Sunday, January 02, 2000 3:52 AM [Previously on Pokéwars, Andy recieved an Abra as a Christmas gift. That's all that happened. Really, it is, so stop asking "what else".] Andy reached the bus terminal just in time to see the bus leave. *Great,* he thought. *Now I have to wait for the next bus. To think I gave up five pounds of bacon for this...* He sat on a bench. *At least I'll get a ride on the bus. That way I'll get back to Pewter that much faster, and I can move on from there and be in Cerulean within a few days.* "Magnemite mag magnemite," Electron said urgently. "Could you be quiet, Electron?" Andy responded, irritated. Electron had been doing this ever since Andy left his family's house. "Here, I'll get you a piece of candy if you'll stop talking." (No, not Rare Candy, just plain old candy. Magnemites like it.) He reached for his backpack... only it wasn't there. Andy looked down. No shoulder straps. He felt behind him. Sure enough, no backpack. "Where'd it go?" Andy wondered aloud as he visually retraced his steps as far as possible. "Magne magnemite nemite." "I must have left it back at the house." "Magnemite nemite." "...You've been trying to point that out since we left, haven't you?" "Mag." Andy started back for his house. He hadn't even left the bus terminal when his ears, not realizing they were leading the owner of the head between them into trouble, picked up a sound. "Vol..." Andy stopped suddenly. "What was that?" he managed to say before Electron ran into his back. "Hey, watch it!" "Magnemite." Andy slowly crept to the bench which was the source of the sound. He looked under it... and saw a red and white sphere. He recognized it immediately. "A Voltorb," he said aloud, not quite intentionally. He debated catching it. Eventually, he pulled out his Pokédex (which was in his belt pack) for help. "Voltorb's moves: Tackle, Screech, Sonicboom, Selfdestruct, Light Screen, Swift, Explosion," droned the Pokédex. "Seems awfully similar to Magnemite... Eh, who needs Selfdestruct, Light Screen, or Explosion? It's not worth capturing." Andy started to walk away--and the Voltorb exploded. Andy got off the ground and looked where the Voltorb had been. "Hey, I wasn't trying to offend you," he said uselessly. A little surprised by the incident, Andy moved on. Suddenly, an Electrode rolled in front of him. "Electrode..." It was joined by five more. "Electrodes? I've never heard of any evolved Pokémon hanging out in Viridian... Then again, I didn't know there were Voltorbs here, either. I'me certainly having a strange day." "TRODE!" the lead Electrode shouted as it started rolling towards Andy. The rest of the Electrodes followed. Andy looked at the Electrodes. "I don't think they're planning to ask if they need a ride," he said, realizing their intent. "Electron, Thundershock!" About fifty more Electrodes fell, rolled, and otherwise joined the group. "...Or maybe just return," Andy said, holding out Electron's Pokéball. Then he turned 180 degrees and ran, closely followed by a mob of Electrodes.. He ran straight down the street, passing the Pokémon center, then the school. He made a few sharp turns, trying to lose the Electrodes, and ran straight past Giovanni's gym. (Of course, the Rockets at the door made no effort to help.) When Andy thought he had lost them, he slowed down a bit and looked back... and was hit by another Explosion. "WHAT?!" Andy exclaimed as he started running again, having thankfully been boosted forward by the blast. He had been a cross-country runner, so he wasn't used to not being able to outrun things. Andy pulled the Pokédex out again. "Electrode is one of the fastest Pokémon in existance, and is believed to be the fastest electric-type." Of all the stupid, crazy things that could have possibly happened to him... "Okay, now it's official," Andy said to himself. "I absolutely hate Electrode." Andy kept running, hoping that Electrodes didn't have very good endurance. He was also randomly turning, thinking that eventually the Electrodes would hit walls and explode. Of course, he might get in legal trouble on charges of vandalism, but would *you* be thinking of that if you were being chased through Viridian by 55 wild Electrodes? Andy saw a building with the lights on. Maybe it was the Pokémon center. Maybe it wasn't. Andy was too scared to tell. All he knew was that somebody was there, and with any luck it'd be someone who'd help him... TBC [Vapor, you're up. Andy will keep running towards the building until you're ready (maybe the building is far away). Remember, Andy will release Electron from the Pokéball as soon as the danger is gone.] Welcome to the Magnemillennium! -Andy && Co-Founder of BBB: Bomb Ball Bashers (Electrode hate club) DON'T visit the Flying Battery Zone at MAG. MAG. MAG. MAG. MAG. MAGNEMITE. Remove "agnemite" from e-mail to reply.