From: Hedgehogey <hedgehogey@aol.comidiocy> Subject: Re: [PW!] Back to the Bottle Date: Saturday, February 12, 2000 11:57 PM While Buckwheat and company started tang(ela)ling with Jim and company, Estro found himself bowled over by a low-flying charizard. Barely keeping his hair from catching on fire, he tumbled face-first into a gooey green footprint. Wiping the goo off, he stood up...and managed to acidentally headbutt Arcturus between the legs as the Skraxx stared down Cinder in mid-air.>>> "Raaarrrrd!" Cinder said, forsaking a witty reply for the aggression that had sustained his kind for millions of years. Cinder grabbed Arcturus by the shoulders and flipped him over, using his long tail to leverage himself on the ceiling. Before he could react Arcturus was lying on the floor, Cinders claws at his throat. "Raaaard! Raaaa.." Cinder breifly struggled to bring his animal side under control. Although his claws longed to taste blood he knew killing Arcturus would do no good. Also his flesh probably didn't taste too good. "Listen because if you don't cooperate these could be the last words you hear. I've got claws to your throat and you can't spit on me from this angle. Now who are the Skraxx? Who sent you? Who created you? And what are your goals? Answer quick or you won't be speaking again. Ever. <<<Seth, Aerie, and Slasher, having once again done dodged left, right, and up respectively - almost looking like someone was just using the same footage for their movement - found perches on the follow-up wave. Specifically, Seth hanging onto the left rhyhorn, Aerie on the right, and Slasher nestled between them both, having managed to nestle into a perfect spot for a catnap even as the rhyhorns charged up the face of the bottle, the glass seeming to briefly warp to make footholds to support the vertical gallop. They moved all the way up and over the lip of the bottle's mouth, charging with gravity into the soda. >>> Flavor DX Tried frantically to stop the charging Ryhorn, to no avail. "Stop godamnit stop! You're going right into the soda! Argh! Stupid muthafuckas! Stop!" Flavor said, frantically smacking the Ryhorn. Unsurprisingly the two raging beasts didn't notice, being lost in their charge and each other. They were swept away in the bottles eruption. In the bottle, Cinder wondered how his comrades were doing... TBC? Hedge Man is quite insane. He would not know how to make a maggot yet invents gods by the dozens.-Montaigne Wilson hussars real identity is revealed: Clan wolverine!-guy on rgm Tv is more alluring than thinking-Rich