From: Adrian Tymes <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Back to the Bottle Date: Thursday, February 10, 2000 8:49 PM Meeko + Caterpie wrote: > " We need to get to Pallet and tell my ranch about me and Rachel." he > said, putting an arm around her, " Kabutops?" he was gone, and headed > for the coke bottle. > " Ack! That pebble brain!" > Kabutops Slashed through it's side getting into the bottle, Buckwheat > and Rachel followed as fast as a pair of Pikachus can follow. > " What's the big deal Kabutops?!?!" he blurted out, and noticed the > collection of people here, a Rocket, some unknown guy, some unknown > girl, some Drowzee, and some Persian. > " Rocket!" Buckwheat wound up for some attack, Mega Punch! He landed > it straight onto the Rocket's chin. Seth and Aerie stepped aside; Slasher leapt up into a tree. Estro was sent, to a lesser extent, was Buckwheat after the drowzee shook off its suprise. "Think we should help them?" *WHAM* "They're mixing it up just fine on their own." *WHUNCH* "I don't know. I mean, two on two's fine when you can defend yourself, but it doesn't look like Estrogen's ever fought a pokemon in his life." *WHACK* *WHACK* *WHAM* "No kidding. Though I'd have to say that someone taught him how to roll." *CRUNCH* "Anyone can roll like that, if hit with enough force. Good thing that other pikachu's sitting this one out..." "PI!" *TZAP* "...though it seems she doesn't appreciate being used as a projectile. Hey, Estro, point of advice: leave neutrals alone or they might turn on you." *TZZTZZTZZzzZZAP* "I don't think he heard you. Shall we?" *SLASH* "Let's." Seth and Aerie held out their hands, readying twin hyper beams... *WHUMP* ...only to break off when Slasher clawed through the tree branch he was sitting on, dropping it on all five combatants. While Aerie tended to the two companions she had been about to help, Seth knelt to face the most agressive of the assailants. "Not that I normally ask, but mind explaining why you attacked like that?" Buckwheat sized Seth up, trying to determine his alliegance. "He's a Rocket. 'Nuff said. Why're you two with him? Escorting him away from that movie prop?" "Movie prop? Oh, you mean that bottle that's the main non-headquarters Rocket base on this island?" There are some situations where the only appropriate reaction is what is known among certain experts as "wild take". This was one of them, and for being trapped underneath a thick tree limb at the time, Buckwheat pulled it off quite nicely. "A couple of our friends are trapped inside. We'd like to get them out before that floating island crashes into the bottle, with potentially lethal consequences for anyone and anything within several kilometers. I don't suppose we could talk you into helping?" Before Buckwheat could respond, Aerie grunted and slowly lifted the severed wood off its prisoners, despite much protesting from Slasher who had found a perfect nap spot on it. She flung the lifted end over Seth, then knelt to offer Estro a hand up. "Some advice: now might be a good time to follow Jessie's and James' example. They found that, on occasion, enemies of Team Rocket would help you, but only if you didn't push your memership in their faces. This just became one of those times." Buckwheat raised an eyebrow. "Why just now? Why not since I showed up?" Aerie pointed a finger skywards, where a helicopter with a circle and slash over poke ball could be seen scouting the area. "The Pokemon Resistance? What're they doing here?" Estro blinked. "The Resistance? You mean Doppler's gang?" Aerie shook her head. "They're not all Doppler's..." She froze. "...but he is terror?!?" Seth and Aerie shared a look; Seth spoke first. "No way. That MissingNo. *isn't* causing all this by itself. That's not how they *work*!" "Sian!" And somewhere, a game of Pokemon Pinball went "TILT!" TBC?