From: Sux <> Subject: [PW] Beginning of the Journey Date: Thursday, January 20, 2000 6:28 PM Odaki and Medaki were glaring at each other. They walked to the end of the path and bid each other fairwell as they took separate paths. Odaki released Electabuzz as Medaki released Lapras, one entering Rock Tunnel, the other the old sea path. Odaki was planning to battle in the cave and continue to Cerulean City, defeating Misty for his first badge, Medaki traveling to Fuschia to defeat Koga. Either way, they had alot of traveling to do. Medaki's Travels After nearly 2 weeks Medaki was finally nearing Fuschia. He had caught Tentacool with the help of his Poliwhirl. Unfortunately, though, the birds around had been taking their toll on his pokemon. "Hello, welco--" "Quick! My Poliwhirl is poisoned!" yelled Medaki as he threw the pokeball at the Nurse Joy, who fell on the ground. "Don't stand there! Heal it!" The Joy stood up and growled at Medaki, took his pokeball to the back room semi-cheerfully with the imprint of a pokeball in her forehead. He grabbed a sheet that was nearby the desk. "FUSCHIA CITY GYM- BATTLE THE GYM LEADER OF FUSCHIA CITY FOR YOUR CHANCE AT A SOUL BADGE. Tourneys every Saturday at 4:00, 3 pokemon required." "Saturday is in 2 days..I have a tommorow to train my pokemon.." he thought to himself as he signed himself up for the tourney. Odaki's Travels "Hah, how does it feel to lose to a master?" said Odaki to a young kid who was crying as his Squirtle twitched every few seconds due to Electabuzz's Thunder. Odaki laughed as he made his way through the rocks and ladders. A group of Team Rocket members came running through the cave, dropping their bags as if they were chasing something. Odaki smirked as he searched the bags, making out with $190,293, a Leaf Stone, and 24 pokeballs, 16 of which where filled. Laughing, he made his way to the cave exit. He started throwing pokeballs, a Fearow coming out of one. He got on the Fearow and commanded it to fly to Cerulean City. He called it back and entered the gym in Cerulean. It was empty. "Whaaatt? What a rip-off!" he shouted. He started to explore a little more, and looked above him. It was a giagantic aquarium. "Hello? Anyone here?" he shouted as he found a receptionist at a desk. TBC... -- Sux' Sig Princess Mononoke is my movie! Mine! NyasSux: Screw you TR Mondo: Not now Thats what happens when you smoke^^;;; NyasSux: Here you go, Beth NyasSux: ::hands Beth a curtain and mistletoe:: TR Mondo: O.o TR Lugia: *kisses sux* TR Mondo: ... NyasSux: ... NyasSux: OK. Kisses by Beth: 2 Have you been kissed by Beth today? TR Mondo: Saber brought me here once thinking it had FF7 hentai. Damn him. TR Mondo: I couldn't get out of bed for days. (Cartos commenting on the; pic) TR Mondo: Man, I love Sesamestreet TR Mondo: Oh! Cookie Monsters on! TR Mondo: Listen, you SaBeR TR: Quiet, you TR Mondo: You shut up I am the Lord of the Bra! Size Triple E and counting Giver of: Rocket Points I Love You Points(Only goes to Nat. ^_^) Moron Points Pervert Points Owner Of: 10 Thank You Points 4 Pilchard Points 10 Exhaustion Points