From: Foratog <> Subject: [PW!] Betrayal From An Ex-Friend Date: Sunday, February 13, 2000 8:00 AM It was a warm, sunny morning in Virmillion City. The city was still sleeping, for the most part, but the Krabby along the shoreline were scampling about. The crustations were crawling over the limp bodies of Nick, Jessie, and Sarah. A rather shrimp Krabby poked at Nick's ribs; it got no reaction. Disappointed, he ran off. A storm had ravaged our heroes all night. Baby Girl the Lapras couldn't stand the waves; she had to return to her Pokeball. Nick and Jessie were half way in the ocean still; Elektra the Electabuzz was a bit more up shore and Sarah was a much more ways up into the yellow sand. A dark figure appeared in the shadow of the early sun. The Krabbys got scarred and scattered in various directions. The figure walk toward the trio of passed out Pokemon trainers. it stopped when it got to Sarah. He got on one knee and rubbed Sarah's back. He turned her to her back. She was white and cold. Her black hair was sandy, and it was all in her face. Her lips were bright blue. Her clothes were damp and dirty. The figure picked her up and left Nick and Jessie in the water. Nick woke up to a Vicegrip to his arm. He screamed to the top of his hoarse throat. He thrashed his arm about. He stopped when Elektra Thunderpunched the Krabby into the water. Before Nick could thank her, Jessie woke up. She sat up and started to stretch her tired body. "Oh no... where is Sarah?" Jessie asked. Nick looked around the beach and realized that Sarah was gone. "You're right. She's not here! Where the-" Nick interrupted himself as he walked up to the water. "She must still be out there." He looked to the horizon. "I don't see her. I'm going to find a better view of the water." He ran away from the water. Has he stopped to turn back, he found a white piece of paper stuck onto a log in the sand. He picked it up and read it aloud: To whom it may concern: I have taken Sarah to my house. She looks very ill and needs medical attention. You may come by too. My address is 367 Saldasia Road. I have a green house with a- Nick stopped reading the note. "Jessie, someone took Sarah. We've gotta go find them." "Well, it sound like she's ok," Jessie reassured Nick. But he wasn't so sure. "I don't know. I think it's odd that this person knows her name," Nick said as they went up the hill to Vermillion City. After an hour, they found the house that Sarah should be at. Nick stood in front of it, as if he was afraid to go in. Jessie started to walk up the side walk, but she stopped when they heard the sound of glass breaking from inside. They both ran up to the door and knocked on it. When no one answered, Nick pounded on it with both fists. A tall teenage boy answered the door. He intimidated Nick. He was muscular and handsome; the same kind of person Nick would be afraid of. "Uhm...Are you the two from the beach?" He asked. Nick declined to answer. "Yes. Where is Sarah?" Jessie asked. "She's right in here," he answered. Jessie made her way through first; Nick was still in the door way. "Come on in," the man said as he walked away from the door. Nick carefully stepped inside and surveyed the place. It was a crummy, small house. Not much inside; only a few chairs and an old TV set. Mildew was on the walls everywhere. The floor was brownish, but it looked like it's original color was green. Nick walked through the hall to find Jessie was trying to comfort Sarah. Sarah was very angry; her eyes were on fire. She was holding a porcelain cup in her hand. "You just don't understand, do you? You haven't changed one bit!" she screamed as she threw the cup against the wall. Jessie tried to hold her back as she rushed at the stranger. Sarah fell down onto a couch and erupted into a fury of tears. "What's going on here?" Jessie commanded as she looked at the teenaged boy. "What's your name anyways?" "My name's Josh. I'm a friend of Sarah's-" "Were! You WERE a friend of mine!" Sarah cried. "But now you are a sick Team Rocket!" Nick figured that Josh was Sarah's friend from Saffron that she lived with for a while. "Look, Sarah. I did what I had to do. What else should I have done? Should I have said, 'No thank you, Mister Giovanni. I don't want a pay raise and a roof under my head. I want to live on the street and sleep in the gutter!' No, Sarah, I couldn't say that! I had this in mind for the both of us! We could have grown up and lived together! We could have been happy!" "NO! We couldn't of been happy!" Sarah erupted as she stood up. Her whole face was covered in tears. "I couldn't stand around while you killed innocent Pokemon! You are heartless and cruel, just like Giovanni and all the other Team Rockets!" She ran after Josh, but he threw her against the wall. Nick tackled him, but Josh quickly threw him into the walll as well. Nick's bad hip crashed against a lamp, breaking it. Then a group of people wearing a R on their uniforms stormed the place. They grabbed Nick, Jessie, and Sarah and threw them into a van. Josh watched as the large door closed them into the back. Sarah started to scream wildly at Josh. "You should've never left, Sarah. You knew too much, and Giovanni is very pissed that you got away. Now, we can't let you stray loose anymore!" he said as the van drove off. TBC... -- E-mail - AIM - Foratog5 Web Site - NONE Proud Owner of 5 "World's Crappiest Sig" Points, 100 "AGNP Love Points", 60 "Green Italics" Points, and 5 "Best Charmander Fan" Points! Gives out Lame Spammer points, Lammer Spammer points, and various PW! Critic points.