From: Insanellama <> Subject: [PW!]Body Bag Date: Friday, January 28, 2000 2:56 PM Insanellama called out Lowjack, Firestorm, and Scyther. "I don't know how to break this to you, so I'll just come out and say it. Chaoticllama was gunned down in cold blood. I suspect Buckwheat of the RT Ranch. I'm going to avenge his death, mark my words. You guys wanna just travel with me for a while?" A trio of nods gave him his answer. Insanellama returned the pokemon, and finished packing his bags. Insanellama sat down inside the helicopter. In the back, lay his dead brother, in a black bodybag. The chopper took off, and landed in pallet town. Insanellama put his brother in the back of a Rapidash drawn cart. At the duel yoke in front were Darkhorse, and Lowjack. Insanellama twitched the reins. It was more a gesture of habit than necessity, the two rapidash's could tell exactly where he wanted to go, and how fast to go there. When they pulled up to the ranch house, his parents were outside on the porch waiting for him. Insanellama got out of the cart, and stumbled towards his parents. The three spent several minutes hugging, and tears were distributed all around. Insanellama knew it was time he got started. He went around to the back where the family cemetery was. He took a shovel out of the woodshed. Lowjack and Darkhorse brought the cart around back, along with the rough-hewn pine casket that was to be Chaoticllama's final resting place. The earth was hard, they hadn't had much rain lately. Insanellama began his work. With each spadeful of dirt, Insanellama became more and more angry, more and more depressed, and somehow, a little colder. He finished about midnight, and called the folks out back. They deposited the casket into the ground, and Insanellama gave the eulogy. It was a very simple service. It was the same way Insanellama's grandfather had been buried. When the hole was filled, Insanellama got onto Darkhorse, and thundered off towards the border. He set up camp right on the fence-line. He called out Princess, Lowjack, Firestorm, Pikachu, Scyther, and Six. "Well guys, looks like its us against the world now. We're gonna show the RT that payback really is a bitch." Insanelama hopped over the fence. His arms were stretched out, hands open and empty. "BRING IT!" In answer, several rifles came up. The gunmen had been sleeping. "COME ON!" Insanellama dove backwards as a spray of bullets hit where his head had been. He hit the ground, and drew his weapons. These were automatics. They were chaoticllama's. As he methodically took out each man, he shouted into the night, "I'M LETTING ONE OF YOU LIVE, TELL BUCKWHEAT THAT THIS IS A MESSAGE FROM ME TO HIM. TELL HIM OF WHAT ONE MAN DID. HOW I DEVASTATED YOUR GUARDS. TELL HIM, THAT THIS TIME HE'S GONE TOO FAR." Insanellama did a backflip back over the fence. It didn't matter that more than one got away, the message would still be clear. Insanellama was tired of it. That night, he slept under the stars. Tomorrow, he'd head for indigo plateau. TBC???? -- -Insanellama Watch your six. icq # 17681168 Aim nick: Insanelama