From: Zenigame-sama <zenigame325@aol.commtech> Subject: [PW!] Burn, Baby! Burn! Date: Sunday, January 30, 2000 9:29 AM Narrator: In the last episode, a beam from the burning house fell in front of Trunks. Now, the aftermath. "TRUNKS!!!" Randy screamed. "Fetchy!" Trunks cried. "I have to get him!" "No, get out. I'll get him." Piccolo said. "But-but-" "I said, I'll get him. Get out!" Randy crawled out. "Hey, Randy. What's going on?" Lisa's father asked "I smelled smoke, and sent out my pokemon to get you guys." "Okay." Then, the Magus teleported back with Lisa and Toma. "I'm scared!" Lisa cried. "Me too." Randy said. "Where's Piccolo and Trunks?" "In there." "WHAT?" "Piccolo said that he'd get Trunks." BOOM "What the-" Lisa said. "Crap! I have to get Piccolo and Trunks!" Randy said. "No, royalty. I shall get them." Toma offered. "But-" Toma flew into the inferno. "Crap." [In the house....] "Piccolo?" Piccolo and Trunks were trapped under a beam. "Toma?" "I'll get you out." Toma's eyes glowed, and the beam was flash-fried, but Piccolo and Trunks were unhurt. "How did you do that?" "I don't know." "Okay." "Get out, now!" Piccolo tried to run, but his leg was hurt. "OW!" "Sit on my spike." "What?" "DO IT!" Piccolo sat on Toma's spike-arm, carrying Trunks. "Rocket!" Toma's spike flew off, propelling Piccolo and Trunks out of the house. [Outside the house...] "What's that?" "It's Piccolo!" Piccolo landed. "Where's Toma?" "He's still inside the house." "Come on, get out!" KABOOM The house exploded. "TOMA!!!" Narrator: So, Toma's still inside the house. Did he survive? Find out in the next episode! Next episode: Oh no! A fallen comrade! __________________________________________________________________________ _______ 4! 3! 2! 1! Pizza Cats are on the run! -Zenigame-sama __ /o o \ __ \_ - _/__ >|__ /_ |_ \ __|< \_\./_/ | | | | // \ / \\ Isshun de kitanaku nigotta mizumo kiyomeru chikara wo motsu. Kita kaze no umare kawari toiu. 10 Meeko-thinker points 1 Meeko-Courage point! 70 SafSmart points! 5 Me need thingsfor sig points. 5 Andy Gave Me Points points