From: Roland Le Good <> Subject: [PW!] Caleb, part 2... Date: Monday, January 24, 2000 11:26 PM Part 2: Soul of the Gun... Caleb and Ilanna moved quickly down the decks. " This is just fantasic... two hours into my holiday cruise and I'm attacked by some gun toting psycho!" " Just shut up and keep moving, we're near the storage lockers," Ilanna dragged Caleb onwards. Before long they were in a small closet like room, with tin boxes lining shelves. One was labled: Caleb.M " Ah, here's my box," " What does the M stand for?" " My sirname," " And that is?" Caleb ignored Ilanna and kept trying to open his box. " Well, what is it?" " What? Oh, no forget it," Caleb frowned. " No, I'm gonna find out....Hmm, what could it be?" Ilanna began to laugh. Caleb frowned more pulled up the gun Ilanna gave him and shot the box open. Ilanna stopped laughing and Caleb smiled. He opened his box and toook out his magnum and his Pokeballs. Ilanna began searching for her box whilst Caleb reloaded his Magnum. Ilanna found her box whne she heard a click from behind her. " Turn around slowly, Ilanna," Caleb was pointing his Magnum at her. " Now it's my turn to ask questions, the gun is to make sure you answer," " Oh, right," " I don't fully turst you Ilanna, you may have saved my life, but you stole my bounty, I'm sure you have another reason to be here..." Ilanna glared at him. " Well?" Caleb raised an eyebrow. " I can't wait to find out..." " OK, this guy, Mondake, has a large bounty on him, I came ater him and you got in the way. I thought I'd sa hi before I collected my bounty," " But it's never that simple, is it? And why did you come to me? You could've killed him..." " I...." " You?" " I have my reasons..." " Yes, I know. That's why I'm pointing a gun at you so I can find out what those reasons are..." "OK, after we catch Mondake I'll tell you," " It'll have to do," Caleb lowered his gun and they set off. Mondake was in trouble. Guards surrounded him, he had one hostage, he could get a shot off before they killed him, but he wasn't going to die yet. He would surrender. He dropped his gun and put his hands up. As a guard approached him with handcuffs eh rabbed the guard and pulled him forward, so he was behind the guard. He grabbed the guards gun and began shooting the others. Before anyone had a chance to do anything he had killed the guards in front of him, flipped over the guard he had hostage now, and was facing the next group. " Now I shall show you the way of the gun!" He fired and killed the remaining guards. Caleb and Ilanna had reached the top deck and saw Gunlore finish off the last guard. Caleb stepped forward, just as he did Mondake grabbed hid gun from the flor and began to shoot at Caleb. " WYAAARR!!!" Caleb gargled and hopped backwards. " YOU ARE SECONDS AWAY FROM BECOMING A FLOOR STAIN!" Mondake yelled as Caleb got into cover. " Give me some cover fire," Ilanna said. " OK," Caleb began shooting out at Mondake as Ilanna ran into the open and towards Mondake, drawing her sword as she did so. She knew that you'd have to hide if someone was shooting at you, otherwise you'd get killed, what she forgot was that Mondake had no care for his own life. He steped out and shot Ilanna down. She was hit in the arm and fell to the ground clutching the wound. " NO!" Caleb yelled. He lept forward and began shooting at Mondake. Mondake dodged as best he could, whilst trying to return fire. He was hit in the leg and in the stomach. He shook with the pain but remained standing. Caleb was face to face with Mondake and swung for him. His blow missed Mondakes face by centimetres and Mondake returned the shot with a blow to the stomach. It winded Caleb, Mondake was strong. Caleb backhanded Mondake and sent him sprawling backwards. They were tangled in a mess of blood and fists, Caleb dropped his gun and Mondake was ony armed with a small knife. He slashed at Caleb and cut his chest, it ruined his loud Hawaian shirt. Caleb growled and punched Mondake in the face. They stumbled to the railing at the back of the boat. They struggled pushing each other down, they were near the propellers on the boat. Mondake was pushing down on Caleb, crushing his neck between his foreamr and the railing. " I'll see you in Hell!" Mondake spat. Then he screamed. Ilanna slashed across his back with her katana before slumping to the ground. " Don't forget to write!" Caleb growled and placing his foot in Mondakes gut threw him off the back of the boat and watched him smack against the spinning blade. He turned back to Ilanna. She was badly hurt, and he was blood stained and wounded too. Ilanna was sobbing gently and Caleb did his best to comfort her. " He's gone now, it's OK. You'll be fine," the boat doctor and his assistants came rushing towards them. " Come on, we're going to help now," He extended a hand to Caleb and he and Ilanna were rushed away. The next day they were up again. Ilanna would need to go to Cinnabars hospital, but Caleb had escaped with some cuts. " Well, you came through Caleb, even if you did kill my bounty," " Ha Well, you helped! Hey, I'm sorry about that thing with the gun," " It's ok," she chuckled. " Maybe it's not so stupid after all," She smiled and kissed him lightly on the cheek. Caleb smiled and they looked out towards the incoming dock. " Y'know, know we're at Cinnabarm we can sort ou that bounty you owe me," HE chuckled. Then stopped. " Ilanna?" He turned around, she was gone....again. " Well I'll be damned," He shook his head. " I guess in this business, there's no time to relax, Oh well, whatever next?" and with that he marched down the boarding ramp and into Cinnabar.