From: Foratog5 <> Subject: [PW!] Calm After the Storm ... Date: Wednesday, February 23, 2000 3:46 PM ...Or Is It Just the Beggining? Sarah started to yell as a sharp pain in her stomache shot up to her chest. This made Nick even more edgy and tense. He was carrying Sarah in his arms, trying to run through a crowded hall. Nick went up into the first class stairs and walked up to their cabin. He struggled to unlock the door and finally succeded at opening it. The cabin was defenitly first-class material. There were two rooms, each with one bed. Great Reinecance decors. One room had a bathroom next to it. There were closets and cabinets and TVs and fridgeraters. Surely they were lucky to have such a place for free. "Ok," Nick said as he surveyed the cabin, "this room will be yours. And this room," he said as he pointed to the room with a bathroom,"will be Jessie and mine." Nick set Sarah onto her bed and went into his room. He laid down on the bed and turned on the TV. After a few minutes of watching horrible WCW wrestling on TV (Author's Note: Sorry. Had to get this off my chest. ^_^), Sarah walked into Nick's room. "Do you mind if I take a shower?" she kindly asked, poining to the bathroom. "No, of course not." Sarah walked into the bathroom and closed the door. After a minute, she opened the door. "Can you get me a towel, there aren't any in here." Nick was overwhelmed at what he saw. Sarah was only wearing her bra and panties as she stood in the doorway. But that wasn't what caught his eye, of course. The only light showing on her was from the bathroom, and her body was all bruised up from her fight with Josh. There wasn't an inch on her body that wasn't either red of blood or black and blue. It was sad and disgusting for Nick to see her like this. He started to get teary-eyed. After a moment, he finally answered her. "Uhm...uh...yeah. Here's one." Nick handed her a towel he found hanging on a chair. Sarah noticed that his hand was shaking. "Is there something the matter?," he asked as if nothing had happened to her today. Nick grabbed the back at his head, trying to think what to say. Couldn't take his eyes of her abused body. "''s just...that um..." Nick paused. Sarah went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. "Ohh......I...I'm...," she wailed and started to cry, resting her head on the counter. Nick sighed. "I'm sorry. It's just...uhm..," he paused, thinking. "..." He picked Sarah up and into his arms. "You look just fine." He left so she could take her shower. Nick got back in his bed, feeling just a bit better, hopeing Sarah felt better too. He took some joy when he helped other people, however that may be. But he felt guilty. Of course, he did lie to her just now. She looked horrible. Maybe he was thinking about himself too much, while his sister was suffering. Now Nick felt even worse. A loud scream suddenly came from the bathroom, and he heard Sarah slip and fall in the bathtub. Before Nick could stand out of the bed, Sarah came running out of the shower. She was soaking wet and bare naked. Nick immediatly threw a towel around her. "What's the matter?!?," he asked. Sarah screamed at the top of her lungs that she saw Josh watching her in the shower. Nick ran into the bathroom; it was empty. She must be seeing things, he thought. When Nick walked out of the bathroom, he found Sarah putting her underware back on. "Are you sure you are OK?," he asked. He knew the answer, but Sarah didn't give the one he was looking for. He gave up; they both went to bed. She wanted to go right to sleep; no TV was on in her pitch-black room. After a while, Nick turned of his TV too. He couldn't get to sleep; too many thoughts, emotions, and questions were running through his tired mind. He was worried about Jessie. Where was she? She's with that Shikaku character, isn't he? What's his story? He thought about what was going on at home. He was worried about Cinnabar Island. Something in his heart felt like something wrong was going to happen there soon. Most of all, he was afraid. Afraid of what would happen to Sarah. Afraid what Josh was capable of. Afraid, not knowing where Josh was. Afraid for Sarah. Afraid for himself. And now he was thinking about himself again. What am I doing here, he thought. Where am I going? Why am I here? Then he thought about Sarah some more. He had known her for, what, maybe three to four days, and already he loved her as much as he loved Jessie. That scared him, and made him feel guilty. He knew Jessie his own life. He had never done anything without her. Nick could say anything to Jessie. He felt kinda nervous and un-easy around Sarah, but he still loved her. It's not like him to like someone this much so soon. He wasn't sure why he did...she was just a great person. Who could not like her? Josh, that's who. It worried Nick...the way Sarah described it, she and Josh loved each other when they were younger. They must've seemed unseperatable. Then Team Rocket corrupted Josh, destroying his and Sarah's lives forever. He looked at the clock. He had been thinking to himself for quite a while. Sarah was probably asleep by now. Nick tried to get to sleep again... Something was still bothering him. He felt so horrible that he couldn't have portected Sarah from Josh's beating. Nick suddenly had a strange thought. He had never protected someone before. Jessie was strong enough to take care of herself, and had portected Nick quite a few times. But now, Sarah has suddenly entered their lives, and Nick has to care for her. He didn't think he could do so. After getting this out of his mind, he could finally get some shut eye. If it wasn't for Sarah's constant crying. Sounded like she was having a bad nightmare. Nick wondered if it was like the ones he has had. Finally, after about a half-hour of Sarah tossing and turning, she stopped. Nick turned on his side and went to sleep. He only got a few minutes sleep, though. Sarah lightly put her hand on Nick's shoulder. "Um...Nick, do you mind if I sleep with you tonight?" Sarah asked. She took Nick off guard. He turned over to her. She was standing in the dark room, Nick could barely see her. But he could make out that she was still only wear her black underwear. She looked very beaten up and tired, and Nick couldn't say no to her. He pulled up the covers and Sarah came into the bed. Nick put his arms around her, and felt how tender her body was. Sarah indead did take a brutal beating from Josh. He started to sob. "Sarah, I'm so sorry I couldn't help you earlier. That damn Growlithe, he has problems. Oh man... I should never have left you-" Sarah interupted him, "It's OK; don't blame yourself-" "No!" Nick yelled as he started to get angry, and he sat up in the bed. "It's my fault! You must not understand what happened to you today, do you Sarah?!? You were almost raped, dammit, and I should have stopped Josh! I am supposted to be protecting you from him! And I let you AND myself down! And I will never forgive myself! Ever!" Nick's words were harsh on himself, and on Sarah. It scared her to hear him yell, and she started to cry again. Nick laid back down. "I'm so sorry, Sarah." He tried to put his hands around her. "I shouldn't be yelling at you-" He paused as Sarah tried to jerk herself away from Nick, but it just made her even worse. It was quite a scene; they acted like a married couple in their 40s who were fighting. Instead, they were siblings, in their teens, just trying to...trying to...trying to do what?, Nick asked himself. What were they trying to do, exactly? Sarah turned around to face Nick. He thought she was going to start yelling at him now. "I'm sorry." I'm sorry? That's what she said? Why is she sorry?, Nick thought. If anyone was sorry, it was him. She had no reason to apologize to Nick. She did nothing wrong; but now she feels that way. He started to get so angry and annoyed, but he settled down. Nick held her as he said, "No, I'm sorry." Sarah started to speak, but Nick stopped her. "I've been under a lot of stress lately...And I'm just trying to lookout for you. I don't-I can't let anyone hurt you." "Now lets try to get some sleep, OK?" "OK" TBC...Thanks for bareing through with this one. Writer's Block is evil, eh? Anyway, next post I'll make my characters open for interactions. -- E-mail - AIM - Foratog5 Web Site - NONE...yet...... Proud Owner of: 5 "World's Crappiest Sig" Points 50,000,000,200 "AGNP Love" Points (Thanks to BabyMew11!) 100 "Love" Points 60 "Green Italics" Points 5 "Best Charmander Fan" Points (Thanks to Pipian, IIRC) 100 "Hentai Rocket" Points Gives out: Various Spammer points, and various kinds of PW! Critic points. [PW! Critic] Members so far... Foratog5 [Head Member] Babymew11 I need more! Please join! Keep on a lookout for my newsgroup,! Seems like Sux found it first, so he wins! 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