From: Simon Locke <atr4llfe@aol.comATR4EVER> Subject: [PW!] Can you feel it.... I can. Date: Tuesday, February 01, 2000 11:11 PM "Wow...." Simon sighed to himself. Standing silently, he took in the view that was Goddish's gift to mankind. The panorama that one could achieve from the Ivory Island's Raven's Nest was almost divine. It being the highest point on Ivory Island, which was also floating, granted a magnificent view of the world. The colors of the setting sun provided a feeling of piece, serenity, a new beginning. Simon was beginning to feel it, he was beginning to experience it, beginning to live what he was destined for. All the doubts Simon ever had of the responsibilities of his job disappeared as the realization of his true feelings emerged. Simon Locke and ATR was formed for the sake of humans and Pokemon. The fresh clean air entered Simon untainted, but exited as the carrier of Simon's doubts. After every breath, he felt better and better, cleaner and cleaner. "Wow...." Simon said again. "Can you feel it?" The energy and hype filled Simon's veins, as everything else seemed trivial than the task at hand. Phase II of project Bum Rush was in effect, as cargo choppers landed and took off of the Island every two minutes. Each chopper held anything from valuable TMs, Pokemon in training, advanced TR monitoring equipment, etc. All of it heading more than 10 miles beneath the Earth, to ATR's new base, the Crystal Caverns. Everything was so perfect, Simon couldn't help but feel good. He wondered how Raven's group was doing in Fuscia, if they had found Yuri and the Wiggly farm yet. He wondered about the many ATRs working with their unmatched dedication, all around the world. He wondered what Giovanni's face would look like, when he found out his precious bottle had been destroyed. The sun was just about to set, but Simon's excitement still grew. He hoped all the ATR's felt the same way he did. He hoped they all shared the same purpose. Simon wanted all the men and women to feel as if they belonged to something big. A family.... something they could be proud of. And now that preparations are being made, things were finally falling into place. "This is going to rock...." Simon said. Feeling a presence behind him, he turned around to be greeted by Spike. The mammoth of a Sandslash stomped onto the Raven's nest on all fours. "Yo buddy, what cha got for me?" The hedgehog stood up on it's hind legs expressing it's bulk, and handed Simon a post it. "Phase Two is complete, awaiting orders, TANK." "Tyyyyte." Simon unlatched the mic for the PA system and pressed the button to make an announcement. "Attention Ivory Island, would the ATR's who are volunteering to help with the Phase Three team, please come up to the Raven's nest. The rest of you, head down to the Crystal Caverns, and proceed in preparations for Project Huzzah. I will join ya'll later. Simon Locke" TBC (Would all active ATR writers please join me on the deck? And, if you've read this, please respond. I'd like to see how many people are actually participating) "You ain't gotta like me, you just mad cuz I tell it how it is and you tell it how it might be." ~ Puff Daddy