From: Maria Rocket <mobius101@aol.compactpika> Subject: Re: [PW!] Caught in the Act Date: Thursday, January 27, 2000 1:15 PM >When her body would finally respond, she turned her head towards her >meowth. Slasher seemed good as new - except for that short patch of >fur on his flank, and the dead material that littered the ground around >him. > >"Maria ok?" > >Turning her head again, she saw Mimic kneeling over her prone form with >undisguised worry. "Yeah, I'm fine...just need to catch my breath..." > >Mimic glanced at Slasher, then back at Maria. "Slasher seem be doing >fine. Maria need be more careful next time play with forces." > >"'Next time?' Mimic, I'm no psychic. There won't *be* a 'next time'. >The only reason there was a *this* time was because you took me along >for the ride." > >"Maria wrong. Maria *and* Mimic fix Slasher. Maria make one or two >mistake; Mimic fix. But was not just Mimic return Slasher to life." > >"That mistake...that was you, wasn't it? It happened just after you >warned were trying to make a point, weren't you?" > >"Mimic no remember. Maybe, maybe not. But Slasher no in danger at >that point, at least no in as much danger if Maria, Mimic keep fixing >past when no need to." > >"MEOWTH!" Slasher leapt onto Maria's chest and looked into her eyes. >Before she could speak, he started purring. Maria smiled and hugged her Meowth. "Thanks Slasher, you're a lifesaver." "Meoww?" Slasher wondered if he had suddenly turned into a small candy, a round floatation device, or both. Maria just sweatdropped and stroked his ears. Then she turned back to Mimic. "Fix the past?" She watched him for a moment. And it came to her just how much she loved him. She sighed and tucked Slasher into a blanket before setting him into a basket to rest. "I want to forget the past. It's the future that worries me." Mimic nodded thoughtfully. "Hopefully crazy Mew not return for while...Mew have way of disappearing for long periods. Friends come soon...Mimic think." He frowned as a strange feeling passed over him. "Though...Mimic not sense anywhere near. Maybe Aerie wrong...maybe wait." He shook his head. "Strange." Maria lay back on the bed and curled up. "Mimic, something's going down, isn't it? Something bad." Mimic looked over at her. "Mimic think so. Mimic try not to think of it too much. Mimic know Mimic will have to soon. Mimic not ask for it...Mimic no know what to do." He sighed. "Times when Mimic just want be like normal Ditto...just be tree and sit for days without care." Maria gently took his hand and gradually led him down to lie beside her. "Don't worry about it then. Just stay with me. ...Please?" Without thinking, Mimic held her close and closed his eyes. Don't think...don't worry... Something clicked, and slid out out of his conscious mind. Not now. He could feel her hands wandering... He was beginning to sweat. Maria had a terrible feeling of dread. She didn't want any one to come... Something bad was going to happen. Something bad *always* happened. She found Mimic's mouth... And when something bad happened, she always lost something or someone she loved. She kissed him deeply and pulled down his shirt. No! Never again! She wouldn't lose anyone ever again! She would go first before she lost anyone ever again. Her heart was racing, and she pulled Mimic onto her, breathless. And she didn't give a damn what anyone thought. It would be days until they left the hotel room. TBC? (Cheap device, but at least now they're all in the same time frame. ^^;; ) ~Maria R "Psy yie yie..." --- --- "R is for Rrrah...Rrrah...Rocket!" - Meowth --- Rocketshipper Forever! --- TEOTWAWKI