From: Adrian Tymes <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Caught in the Act Date: Saturday, January 29, 2000 12:09 AM Maria Rocket wrote: > No! Never again! She wouldn't lose anyone ever again! She would go first > before she lost anyone ever again. Her heart was racing, and she pulled Mimic > onto her, breathless. And she didn't give a damn what anyone thought. > > It would be days until they left the hotel room. > > TBC? > > (Cheap device, but at least now they're all in the same time frame. ^^;; ) [Hmm... <pokes device> Maybe something a little more expensive. <pulls out ImagniationCard, hacked for no credit limit> "Fantasy. It's where you want to be." ^_^;] "Meowww..." Slasher was worried. It has been days since he last saw his mistress. Not that he was hungry or needy - meowths were known for being able to find cash in the oddest of places; those smart enough to buy their own meals almost never starved. Indeed, a couple centuries ago, some of the smarter feral meowths had managed to parley their finances into one of the first industrial corporations, giving rise to the term "fat cats". Slasher had managed to pay for their extended stay on his own when the management came to collect. But he was a little lonely. Sitting near the coffin-sized tank that Mimic had become made him feel as if he were part of a whole, but when he woke up and walked around, he needed only go a few steps away before part of his heart vanished, leaving a hole. Going back near the tank filled him with, if not joy, at least contentment, as he now experienced for only the fifteenth time today. #He wishes to be one.# Slasher's ear swivelled in vain. #Of one mind, and one body.# Maria?!? #Like us. But the body can not join in; it has its own needs, and filling them takes the mind away.# What was going on here? It sounded like Maria and Mimic were talking right next to him. #We are here, my meowth. Open your mind and let your body relax.# Meowths were notoriously good at letting their bodies relax. Limp in a heartbeat, Slasher let his curious mind drift... #Now we are all here.# #All three.# #Meow?# #... -_-;# #This would seem to be how Slasher thinks, Mimic. Are you that suprised?# #Mimic used to thinking in one language at time.# #Meow? Meow meowth?# A flash of vision - darkness. A flash of sound - silence. A flash of touch - warm, comforting numbness. A flash of taste and smell - nothing but what the senses had become used to. #Sensory deprivation.# #Meow?# #When Mimic grew tired of physical love, he suggested this as a more intimate merging. I am inside him.# #MEOW?!?# #No, he's not digesting me...are you?# #Mimic no digest Maria. in suspension fluid, designed support body no can support self. Maria's case, body can support, but no need support; leave Maria's mind free, be with Mimic. Maria in Mimic, but Maria breathe Mimic fluid, so Mimic in Maria too.# A brief vision of curiosity, as to some cables leading from the tank to the nearest electrical outlet and the bathroom's sink. #Yes; use power and water keep life support running.# #We could stay like this forever.# #But probably should not. Hotel no last forever. Besides, Maria muscles start atrophy if no used for week, even with suspension fluid. Mimic no learn tank with muscle stimulators; make note be one next time visit hospital, in case Maria want try again for week plus.# #Couldn't we stay just a bit longer?# #Bit longer. But not day longer.# #Meowth.# TBC? [Unlimited credit is one thing, but the payments on that card are a bear... ^_^;]