From: Zenigame-sama <zenigame325@aol.commtech> Subject: [PW!] Charge! Shenlong's Assault! Date: Tuesday, January 18, 2000 2:44 PM Narrator: In the last episode, Randy found the Techno-Dragon, and now, Shenlong is fighting it. "Dang! Where the heck is it?" Randy rummaged through his backpack. Shenlong jumped from the water. "Kyah!" He stabbed the Techno-Dragon with his horn. "You..." It fired lasers from its eyes, frying Shenlong. "AAAHHH!" Shenlong fell back into the water. "I'm not dead yet, gaijin." He fired an ice beam at Mecha-Ryu, but it didn't do anything. "You insolent little...." "Shut up." Mecha-Ryu's chestplate opened up, revealing a huge cannon. "Gettaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Beeeeeam!" A huge beam of energy fired from the cannon, hitting Shenlong dead on. "Shenlong!" "Hah." Suddenly, the water started to glow. "I will not fail my comrades!" Shenlong was the source of the glow. "Ready for more?" Its arms opened, revealing ten turrets. "Die!" It fired at Shenlong. "I won't lose!" Shenlong grew arms, legs and a big tail. "Now, you'll pay!" Shenlong fired a hyper beam directly at Mecha-Ryu's head. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" "Did that hurt?" "you....little....." "Actually, I'm bigger than you." "Die!" The Techno-Dragon charged at Shenlong, but he dodged, sending it into the water. "Found it!" "Huh?" "Come here, Shenlong." "Okay." Randy pulled the TM that Doom gave him out of his backpack, and used it on Shenlong, just as Mecha-Ryu got back out of the water. Narrator: Well, Shenlong's more than a match for Mecha-Ryu. Will he get a second wind? Find out in the next episode! Next Episode: Breaker Beam! Doom's Ultimate Attack? Anybody out there ever watch Shin Getta Robo? _______________________________________________________________________________ Hey! That Articuno crapped on my new car! -Zenigame-sama __ /o o \ __ \_ - _/__ >|__ /_ |_ \ __|< \_\./_/ | | | | // \ / \\ 10 Meeko-thinker points 1 Meeko-Courage point! 70 SafSmart points! 5 Me need thingsfor sig points. 5 Andy Gave Me Points points