From: Josh <> Subject: [PW!] Confrontation with Giovanni Date: Saturday, February 19, 2000 3:43 PM -Confrontation with Giovannni-Episode 03 "We finally made it," Zane says to the beaten up Pikachu. He brings Pikachu and Rattata to Nurse Joy, who promises that they will be better in know time. While Zane is waiting in the Waiting Room, he turns on the television so that he can see whats been going on in the world. He watches some of the Pokemon League matches and he watches a segment on a ship called the S.S. Anne. The S.S. Anne is a cruise for Pokemon Trainers. It will leave in Vermilion City very soon. Zane thinks about all the great Pokemon he'll see and decides that he wants to go. A short while later, Nurse Joy brings out the newly healed Pikachu and Rattata. "How are you feeling Pikachu?" Zane asks. "Pikapi," Pikachu replies in a happy voice. Zane & Pikachu then leave the Pokemon Center and head for the Viridian Gym. Zane wanted to talk with Giovanni about Team Rocket and their attack on him. When they arrive at the Gym, they tell the two guards what happened and the two guards immediately let him in to go speak to Giovanni. A heavily armed man took Zane to the room where Giovanni was relaxing. "Good Evening," Giovanni said to Zane, "What can I do for you?" "Well." Zane slowly spoke, "When I was on my way to Viridian City, I saw your poster and realized that I knew who it was, and I went to go get her. We were on our way back when we were ambushed by Team Rocket, and Abbey was one of them." "I'm.aware that she is from Team Rocket," Giovanni said, "I'm also well aware of the ambush." "But how did you know?" Zane asked. "Because I am the Leader of Team Rocket.and I ordered the attack on you," said Giovanni, "But I'm very surprised that you defeated all three of them put together. You seem to be a very good trainer." "Why would you wanna attack me?" Zane asked. ".....Enough talk," said Giovanni, "You already know to much. If you need anything else than you can tell Team Rocket, because your gonna be seeing a lot more of them around." Zane & Pikachu were then "escorted" out of the Gym. Zane knew that he would have to battle Giovanni in order to get the earth Badge from him. With everything that's happened to him, Zane decided to come back to Viridian City once he gets the other seven badges. Zane & Pikachu then started for Route 2, when they spotted a sign for the Pokemon League. They looked at each other and decided to go and watch some of the Pokemon League Games. Just as they were about to leave, Zane heard his name being called. He turned around and saw the last person he expected to see.Xavier. Zane & Xavier were neighbors back in Pallet. Xavier's family was very rich, while Zane & Frank were very poor. They grew up hating each other, and still do. ".What are you doing here Xavier?" asks Zane. "I'm going to watch the Pokemon League Games, where are you headed?" Xavier asks. ".Pewter City." says Zane. "Your going for badges? Your not good enough for badges!" Xavier says as he laughs at Zane. Zane then turns away from Xavier and the Pokemon League Games and walks in the direction of Route 2 and Viridian Forest, not once looking back. "Everyone needs a rival," Xavier yelled as Zane as he walked away, "Unfortunately for you, I'm yours." Zane & Pikachu, now walking down Route 2, spot a Weedle eating grass. "Alright Rattata, I choose you!" Zane says as he releases Rattata from the Pokeball. "Rattata," Rattata says as it comes out of the Pokeball. "Rattata, Focus Energy," Zane said to Rattata. Rattata stood their, focusing all his energy, while the Weedle just stared at him. "Now Rattata, use your Super Fang attack," Zane said. Rattata then charged at Weedle and bit down on him. The Weedle then fainted. "Good job Rattata," Zane said happily, "Pokebal, go," he said as he threw the Pokeball at Weedle. It landed directly on Weedle, and after a bit of movement, the Pokeball stopped shaking. "Alright," Zane said, "I caught Weedle." He then picked up the Pokeball and called Rattata back. Him and Pikachu then continued down Route 2 and reached Viridian Forest.