From: Adrian Tymes <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Dark Reunion Date: Tuesday, February 15, 2000 9:19 PM Dreadite wrote: > Shard watched the spectacle with a sort of shocked amusement on his face. > "Well, that was odd..." > > Dreadite walked out of the darkened room, throing the cloak over his > back. Shard thught about that for a second, and noticed something. > "Long hair.. no wings.. what the hell happened in there?" > > Dreadite just stopped for a moment. "Hell happened in there, Shard. I > suggest you run. Because I have a ship to catch." Before they could move, though... Maria Rocket wrote: > Aerie whinnied. "I wonder if the bottle is sick." > > "Well, it is a living entity....though a strange one. But what could be doing > this? The MissingNo.?" > > "Maybe. But I don't think so... We need to protect it though...there's > trouble coming and it's not in any condition to help itself." > > "Agreed..." Seth's voice trailed off and he bit his lip in a way he had > learned long ago. "Just becareful Aerie." > > "I'm *always* careful. ....Well, sometimes anyway." And Aerie shot off > through the bottle at breakneck speed. Slasher, being a Persian, was just able > to keep on her tail. "WATCH OUT!" Shard and Oddrey plastered themselves to the wall. Dreadite longer there. "'Head for the light', you said." "Sorry, Aer." "No problem. Could you take a look back, though? I think my tail's caught on something." "'re not going to believe this. You caught Dreadite's foot." "Dreadite? Impossible. He's got wings and stuff; I'd feel the wind resistance from that unless he's trying to fly." "Something happened to his wings, but I'll *never* forget that face." And then they turned a corner, Aerie's tail loosening just enough to let Dreadite go sailing through the holographic wall to the outside. "Now which way?" "Just keep running. There's got to be something in here we can use; we'll probably cover the entire bottle in five minutes." TBC?