From: Neo2K <neomenasor@aol.comREMOVE> Subject: Re: [PW!] Dark Reunion Date: Friday, February 11, 2000 4:48 AM >Maria met Dreadite's gaze with unmasked >curiosity. "What..." > >"You don't know? ..." He looked at Mimic >again. "She *doesn't* know, does she?" > >"..." > >"What don't I know?" > >Dreadite pondered giving the information >out, but decided that the reaction would >be worth it. "That your child is only half >human." > >TBC? Outside the Bottle, Arcturus clambered on his four spindley limbs. He screeched again, and launched a glob of acid at the bottle. The acid was sucked into the bottle. Arcturus raored with fury. He stopped and calmed down. He layed down on the ground...and a cocoon began to form around his body. TBC (Um.....he was going to the bottle remember.) *Neo J. Menasor* Supreme Commander of the Flying Grape Tree Follower of Dreadite ALL HAIL GIGAHAND! Friends don't let Friends use WebTV The Covenent of Primus, it's a COOKBOOK! My fanfics: