From: Maria Rocket <mobius101@aol.compactpika> Subject: Re: [PW!] Dark Reunion Date: Saturday, February 12, 2000 5:59 AM >> He watched her suspiciously for a moment, then lifted his boot off. "I'm >not >> even going to ask. Just don't do that again. Ever." Dreadite brushed >his >> hair off to the side. Team Rocket was full of psychos, but sometimes he >could >> never quite see it coming. As Maria pushed herself up, he looked up >sharply at >> the doorway. His eyes glowed with an evil grin. "Well well >you've >> come back to me, have you?" >> >> Maria turned around to see who Dreadite was talking to. Her pupils >narrowed >> with fright. Mimic was standing there, looking as if he were caught >between >> entering and bolting. Maria looked between her leader and her lover, and >> clenched her fists. >> >> "No..." > >"Mimic never, *EVER* come back to you." > >Dreadite had never seen such utter hatred in Mimic's eyes. His look was >intense enough that some mortals might have stepped away in instinctive >terror, but such was beneath Dreadite. "Then what are you doing here?" > >"Mimic go where Maria go." > >"You *do* know she's one of us, don't you?" > >"Maria is person. No need be Rocket, no need be Anti-Rocket. Just need >be Maria. Is all Mimic care about." > >"So...oh ho, I see." Dreadite smirked. "That explains the rumors about >James quite nicely." His smiling eyes danced over Maria. "I have to >admit, that's a way to 'catch 'em all' I've never heard of before. >Although one could say that Ash uses a variant on your technique." > >Maria met Dreadite's gaze with unmasked curiosity. "What..." > >"You don't know? ..." He looked at Mimic again. "She *doesn't* know, >does she?" > >"..." > >"What don't I know?" > >Dreadite pondered giving the information out, but decided that the >reaction would be worth it. "That your child is only half human." Since the discovery of the true father of her child, Maria had quietly held these fears. Mimic had assured her that the baby would most likely be a normal human, but she suspected that this simply couldn't be true. Although she loved Mimic, her pregnancy frightened her more than she would admit. Was the baby a monster? Maria stared up at Dreadite. "I suppose it is. How would you know, anyway?" "Only Giovanni is ranked higher than I am Maria, you know that." Dreadite raised an eyebrow at her. "There is very little that I do not know." Maria bit her lip. "So what do you know?" Dreadite set his eyes on Mimic. "It would appear that whatever you're carrying has DNA that matches my former prize Pokemon to a T." Mimic glared back at the Rocket. Dreadite simply smiled coldly. "If you know anything about Pokemon breeding, then you know that when a Ditto breeds with another Pokemon, it reproduces itself, internally or externally, then fuses with the genetic structure of the other. This creates a Pokemon that as a result of the fusion, is in all respects the same kind of Pokemon as the non-Ditto Pokemon, yet is unique since it was created from two or more sets of DNA. But in your case....our scientists have found the genetic structure of your child to be very unstable. Probably because you're not a Pokemon..." He laughed dryly. "Of course, most of them have no idea." "If Dreadite know, then Giovanni know..." Mimic whispered. "Yes...Giovanni wants to take Maria out of service as soon as she reports in again..." Dreadite rubbed his chin. "Something about a medical faculty in Fuschia. Not to worry you, he just wants to keep a close watch on the child's progress. He's very interested..." "Mimic know how Giovanni interested in Mew," Mimic grimaced. "Giovanni twisted." Dreadite shrugged. "Aren't we all?" "So..." Maria blinked towards the floor. She felt numb. "My baby..." Dreadite put a hand on her shoulder. "Not to worry. Team Rocket employs the best doctors in the world...we'll help you through this." His gaze lifted back towards Mimic. "And I'll start by recapturing Mimic before he causes anymore trouble." The feathered Rocket brushed past Maria, putting himself between her and Mimic. He pulled a Pokeball from his cloak and brandished it. Maria's head snapped up and she whirled around to grab at his cloak. "NO!" But she couldn't move him, and she was pushed to the side with the quick movement of a wing. She stumbled back and caught herself on the floor of the void. With a cry of rage, Mimic transformed into a copy of Dreadite and lunged at him, wings spread high. Just in time, the real Dreadite drew his weapon and blocked his doppleganger's sword in a clash loud enough that it could be heard crystal clear even in that vacuum. Mimic was slowly pushing the crossed swords closer to his face, inch by inch. Dreadite eyes widened, as Mimic drove him back like a creature possessed. "Mimic *not* go in Pokeball," Mimic snarled. "Maria *not* go to lab!" On the floor, Maria was barely lifting herself from her knees, when she winced and pitched back down. She grimaced. "Ow." Something in her tone, made Mimic turn his head. "Ow?" Dreadite took this opportunity to pick up his fist, the one still clutching the Pokeball, and swing it across Mimic's face. It met with a crunch, sending Mimic down hard, and his sword clattering across the floor. "Ow!" Mimic dove quickly dove for his sword and absorbed it in a flash. He looked between Maria and Dreadite, who was just staring down at him for the moment. "Owww...." Maria remained doubled over as she was. "Damn it, this isn't the time for cramps...." Then it hit her. And she broke out into a cold sweat. Dreadite laughed down at Mimic. "Silly Pokemon.'re mine." He drew back and threw the Pokeball down at the fallen Mimic. Time suddenly seemed to move unnaturally slow. Dreadite's cloak fell from his face with the movement of his throw, exposing his flowing hair that glimmered. Mimic drew back in terror, his eyes narrowing with fear. Narrowing, and narrowing and narrowing...until they were nothing but two little black beads. The purplish Ditto squealed an anguished cry and leapt up into the air, hoping to avoid the light. Across the room, Maria's head shot up, followed by the rest of her. Wincing, she ran across the room.... And jumped up, grabbing Dreadite's long beautiful hair. Maria yanked back hard. "OWWW!!!" Dreadite screeched. Sitting over at the table, the dark winged figure snickered. Dreadite pulled away and stumbled back, his hands to his head. Maria turned from him, to the little trembling Ditto, and just stared. Just an inch away from Mimic lay the Pokeball, which had barely missed its target. Maria had never seen Mimic like that before, and she felt a little faint. She just bit her lip and limped over. She gathered him up and held him. She could feel him shaking, and she could hear him making a strange little high pitched sound. "Dit..." "Shush." Maria looked up at Dreadite. "Please Dreadite....just let us go. You know you don't want us. And I know you don't really want to give us to Giovanni." Dreadite's eyes narrowed dangerously. "How can you pretend to possibly know what I want?" "I know you from experience and reputation...if you were serious about turning us in, you wouldn't be playing these games. You do what you do because you're ordered to...because it raises your status in Team Rocket. But you're tired of being Giovanni's lapdog, aren't you?" Dreadite clenched his fists. "Insolent words, especially coming from you....I know your records. You're every bit as ambitious as I am. You simply haven't got the stomach for the worst of the dirty work. You like to pretend, but you're too soft. That's why you're still a low ranked Rocket...and why you're in the situation you're in." He looked away and back at her with a deeper frown. "Perhaps I could care less about Giovanni's agenda....but make no mistake, Mimic was, and still is *mine*." Maria shook her head. The pains in her abdomen were becoming worse, but she refused to acknowledge them. "Dreadite....I don't want to fight you. Don't make me." Dreadite laughed. " intend to defeat me by pulling my hair out?" He pulled his cloak up. "You would risk your life for this....thing....that has given you so much pain?" He raised an eyebrow. "The Maria I knew would have killed the Ditto on the spot for what it did." "Probably." Maria met his eye. "People change though. It happens from inside out, so you usually don't see it coming. I'd suppose even the great Dreadite has had his heart turned inside out and handed to him on a platter." Dreadite closed his eyes momentarily. Maria blinked in surprise. Apparently she had hit something on the head....though she had no clue what. Dreadite turned away and waved at the dark figure, who startled and disappeared. His wings folded neatly behind him. "Clearly, you have no sense whatsoever. Take the Ditto then....for now. I feel trouble on the winds...such that it carries even in this place. Until we meet again....may it be on the wing or in battle." Dreadite took two steps into the darkness and disappeared. Maria blinked down at Mimic in her arms. "What do you suppose he meant by tha--" She gasped sharply, as the pain protested at being ignored. She hoped Mimic hadn't noticed. This couldn't be happening, not now... Heck, she didn't even *look* pregnant! She slid a hand across the still trembling Ditto. "Ow....Mimic...I think we need to get out of here... Are you okay?" TBC? ~Maria R "Psy yie yie..." --- --- "R is for Rrrah...Rrrah...Rocket!" - Meowth --- Rocketshipper Forever! --- TEOTWAWKI