From: Neo2K <neomenasor@aol.comREMOVE> Subject: Re: [PW!] Dark Reunion Date: Saturday, February 12, 2000 3:17 PM Maria blinked down at Mimic in her arms. >"What do you suppose he meant by tha--" She gasped sharply, as the pain >protested at being ignored. She hoped Mimic hadn't noticed. This couldn't be >happening, not now... Heck, she didn't even *look* pregnant! > She slid a hand across the still trembling >Ditto. "Ow....Mimic...I think we need to get out of here... Are you okay?" A laugh resounded in the void. Dreadite lifted his head and scanned the room. He thought for a minute and said, "Arcturus? Is that you?" he felt a cold breeze behind him, #Yes..Greetings Dreadite# the Rocket spun around and was brought face to face with two shimmering green eyes. Dreadite scanned Arcturus. He was different, he had a pale grey skin, with black exoskeleton on his chest, forearms, feet, shins, and head. A black plate covered where his mouth used to be. Two beetle-like wing covers rested on his back. Red oblong domes were at he chest, legs, arms, and a big one on his head, flanked by two black ear like things raising from his natural helmet. Dreadite merely raised an eyebrow, "Hrrm, funny. You remind me of a certain short guy." Arcturus laughed, it was an ugly croaking laugh, #Ha, you remain as smug as always Feathers. You won't be laughing when I take this world as my own# Dreadite let out a loud laugh, "That's a GOOD one." Arcturus's bright green eyes narrowed, #Fine, be that way# Arcturus knocked Dreadite away, the Rocket spread his wings and flew back at Arcturus, brandishing his sword. The alien laughed and clenched his fist, two blue blades of energy extended from his wrist. He caught Dreadite's sword and grabbed a Pokeball from his waist, he sent out a bone white Scyther with a cybernetic eye, #Dinobot.........restrain him, please# The Scyther rammed Dreadite who caught it and threw it to the wall of the void. Arcturus smirked, #Fine....# a red ball of energy grew in the Skraxx's hand, suddenly a beam of red light shot out and Arcturus lashed Dreadite with it. TBC! (Hell yeah!) *Neo J. Menasor* Supreme Commander of the Flying Grape Tree Follower of Dreadite ALL HAIL GIGAHAND! The Covenent of Primus, it's a COOKBOOK! Fanfics! The one and only Rajura Shrine!: