From: Adrian Tymes <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Dark Reunion Date: Saturday, February 12, 2000 3:45 PM Maria Rocket wrote: > "Clearly, you have no sense whatsoever. Take the Ditto then....for now. I > feel trouble on the winds...such that it carries even in this place. Until we > meet again....may it be on the wing or in battle." Dreadite took two steps > into the darkness and disappeared. > > Maria blinked down at Mimic in her arms. "What do you suppose he meant by > tha--" She gasped sharply, as the pain protested at being ignored. She hoped > Mimic hadn't noticed. This couldn't be happening, not now... Heck, she didn't > even *look* pregnant! > > She slid a hand across the still trembling Ditto. "Ow....Mimic...I think we > need to get out of here... Are you okay?" "DitMChipz" There are a few sounds that you never want to hear coming out of one you care about. The sound of a MissingNo. tearing its way through that one is such a sound. Quickly turning him over, Maria yanked out the black blade sticking out like a twig, and reached back to throw it away #don't# then changed her mind #go# and ran towards the wall, scanning for the exit #there# and bursting through the holographic concealment - only to find herself floating in the cola along with a bunch of other bodies #now# when the bottle erupted, sending one giant, dark, sticky blob of living things in a screaming arc towards Ivory Island, much much too fast for a safe landing #stop# yet it was safe, all motion halted just centimeters off the ground in front of the local gym #thanks# where the stick took off of its own accord, bashing in the gym's doors. Seconds later, a familiar black Mew, still playing fetch-the-MissingBoomerang, flew by, barely sparing a glance for its recent captive. When Maria finally stood up, she noticed Mimic was back in his new "normal" form, staring at the sky in a daze. "Are you alright?" "Maria safe?" Wincing away another jolt of pain from inside, she waited for the sensation to die down so she could answer without betraying herself. "I'm fine," she lied. "Then Mimic alright." Maria knelt to offer Mimic a hand, then dropped to the ground as another spasm rocked her abdomen. TBC? [Who's along for the ride? Who wants to go? I figured area around the bottle was getting a bit crowded - better if the fight splits up, so each individual writer has less to keep track of.]