From: Ethan Einhorn <> Subject: [PW!][LEAGUE] Dernam vs. Kirsty: Wipe-out wiped out. Date: Wednesday, January 05, 2000 6:19 PM "Drow, there you are!" Dernam, fresh from his date with Allison, ran too his black-blue Nidoking. "Sorry about ealier, got distracted." *Ain't 'that' the truth.* Scyther pokÚspeaked, flying down and landing on Drow's impressive shoulders. *We've been waiting.* A nurse Joy approached from the right and tapped him on the shoulder. "Thank you for contributing your Nidoking to such a noble cause." "Noble? What?" "A platform collapsed and almost killed a guy called Felix on the Ice field. Your Nidoking helped in the effort to dig him out." "So, you've been ding charity work while I was away?" Nidoking gave him a vicious leer. "Anyway, let's gather the troops, we have a fight to win." "That may be complicated." "Why so, miss Joy?" "You're Dernam, correct?" "Yes, I am." "Well, your next fight is on the water field against agirl named Kirsty. She's... a close frind of Felix." "Ah, well, she may have my deepsest sympathy, but I'll still try and kick her ass." "*sigh*, very well and good luck. Oh, I just can't wait either. I bet I'll just love Misty's special commentary as guest-announcer." "Hmmm. I'm sure I will too." Dernam smirked slyly to himself and waved goodbye. After a short search, hitmonlee was discovered playing in the arcade, and Gastly was following girls out of the lady's room. They were all set. <10 minutes later> "Welcome, I'm Tom." "And I'm Misty, here as a special treat for all you water fans. From the green trainer side we see Kirsty, who's been doing quite well." Kirsty, shaken yet trying to remain strong, walked out onto the Water field and stepped atop her platform, wazing to the crowd and trying her best to maintain a smile. "And on the red trainer side, we have Dernam Eord," Misty facefaulted. "Who has also done quite well, winning 2 of 3 matches, an 2 out of 3 ain't bad. He's also gotten a small reputaion of introducing himself with possibly offensive music." "Whatever" by Godsmack issued forth from the Water Field's speakers, and he entered. Misty, her suspicions confirmed, attempted to recover. "Yup folks, there it is." "Well, um, I think he may be a little cocky for his own good." "Whatever you say Misty, but that Flareon looks like it's got alot of spunk in it, although the odds of him being used here on the Water ield are very slim." Dernam shot a glance up towards the announcers box, then down at the built-in mic that was in the platform. They were turned on as soon as the battle started, to pick up commands, but he'd done one over on the tech guy, and turned his on early, just in case. Now seemed to b a case. "But seriously, Tom, I don't think..." *DISCLAIMER* My brother dared me to use 23, so I'll use 23, if you know what I mean. If you don't, you'll find out soon enough. Also note that he isn't yelling, the volume is just turned up, it's normal talking amplified. "SHUT THE HELL UP BITCH." Dernam's voice reverberated through the stadium. "IT DOESN'T FUCKING MATTER WHAT YOU THINK." *3* "Uhh, Misty, care to explain this?" "Well I..." "AM BADMOUTHING ME, YOU PSYCHOPATHIC BITCH. I SUGGEST YOU SHUT THE HELL UP." *5* "Why you little..." "NEED I REMIND YOU I AM TECHNICALY LARGER THAN YOUR SCRAWNY SLUT ASS?" *7* "Wise-ass little..." "FUCKNUT, I'M SURE. LEARN YOUR FUCKING ROLE, AND SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH, WHORE." *11* "WHY CAN'T YOU JUST SHUT UP AND FIGHT?" "BECAUSE THE BUTTON THAT ALLOWS US TO START THE GOD DAMN MATCH, NUMBFUCK. IF YOU WOULD BE SO KIND AS T SET YOUR ASS DOWN ON THAT BUTTON, MAYBE BOTH OF US WOULD BE ALOT HAPPIER. BUT AS IT STANDS, YoU AREN'T DOING A FUCKING THING TO START THIS DAMN MATCH, NOW ARE YOU?" *16* "OK! LOOK, I'M PUSHING THE BUTTON NOW! ARE YOU HAPPY?" "YES, VERY BITCH. NOW SET YOUR SWEET LITTLE SCUZZY REAR DOWN ON THAT CHAIR OF YOURS, POLISH IT UP ALL NICE AND SHINY, THEN TAKE THAT SONOFABITCH SIDEWAYS, AND SHOVE IT STRAIGHT UP YUR CANDY ASS, WOMEN." *19* "THERE START YOUR STUPID MATCH! I HOPE SHE KICKS YOUR ASS!" "I HOPE YOU LICK MY ASS. NOW SHUT YOUR MOTHERFUCKIN' YAP, AND LET ME CONCENTRATE ON THE JOB AT HAND. I'VE GOT AS TO KICK, DAMNIT." *And... 23! Haha, Jake owes me some money now.* "Well Misty, that sure was a nice big load of happiness you just dropped on us." "SHUT THE HELL UP!" TBC, tomorrow. Intresting, eh? You'd have had to read someof my earlier work to get this... Ethan Einhorn