From: Foratog5 <> Subject: [PW!] Down the river and through the swamp... Date: Friday, February 18, 2000 1:00 PM (AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is dated Feb. 17th, not 18th. I never got a chance to go on last night.) Winger the Pidgeotto glided over the white clouds in the sky. It was very cold up there, and the strong breeze didn't help much. Nick shivered as he held on to Sarah for his life. He couldn't see anything; the wind was to strong to open his eyes. "Where are we going, Sarah?" "I know someone by the river who can let use stay the night," Sarah yelled, so everyone could hear her. "He's my boyfriend; his name's Jason. He has a small shack down by the river were we lived after I ran away from Josh. We can hide out there until tomorrow. Winger, go below the clouds! I need to see where we are!" Winger obeyed, and a vast swamp was reviled. It was bustling with life; many Pokemon lived here. Magikarp jumping in and thru the river waters, trying to avoid the Ekans flying at them from the trees. A Squirtle dove into the murky water; dirty Rattatas scurried about looking for food. Sarah spotted the shack. "There it is! Winger, take us down!" It was smaller than Nick and Jessie had feared; barely large enough to be a tool shed. The wood was tearing apart from all sides; to say it had a roof would be a filthy lie. There was no solid land where the kids had gotten off of Winger; soggy and wetness was everywhere. This freaked Jessie out a lot. A Caterpie crawled up her leg, and she jumped into Nick's arms. Nick couldn't hold her, and accidentally dropped her into the mud. "Oh...," Nick said as he helped her up, "sorry..." Jessie sighed. "No, no. It's...ok...". She went up to the shack. "Huh. Why's the door open?" Sarah ran up to the shack. "Jason, baby, where are you? It's been...," she saw a note on the table, "so...long...". She cautiously picked up the piece of paper. She read it aloud as Nick and Jessie walked in. Dear Sarah, Sorry I'm not here. Team Rocket has caught up with me; I'm afraid they may do just about anything for them to get their hands around the- (Sarah paused as she looked over her shoulder and saw Nick and Jessie listening) you-know-what. So I have to stay on the run. I'm sure we'll see each other again. If not, I just want to let you know... I Love You Sarah. She broke into tears and ran out into the swamp. She had always feared that Josh would find her, but didn't want Jason to be apart of this mess. "Oh no! What have I done?!?!" Nick wanted to go over to Sarah and settle her down, but he didn't know what to say. He finally thought of something when Sarah started to cough furiously. "Come on, Sarah...You need to rest. You're still tired from last night." Sarah denied it, but her legs were now so weak, Nick had to help her into the shack. Her face had turned from peachy and healthy to pale and sick in seconds. Sarah was having a lot of trouble; each breath she took was praticly a fight for her life. Nick quickly covered her with the few raggedy blankets he found on the floor. Sarah started to shiver and her lip was shaking wildly. She settled down and Nick and Jessie could finally rest. They turned in for the night. Even though the shack was small, it surprised Nick and Jessie to find a decent TV inside. During the night, Nick were watching the news while Jessie was combing Vulpix's fine coat. The main news story was about the S.S. Anne's big yearly party. The news anchor: "Tomorrow, February 18th starts the annual S.S. Anne Pokemon Party. This year's party will be delayed a bit due to the length of this year's exciting Pokemon League. So, party-goers may board the ship tomorrow and wait until it ships; when it does, no one knows yet. Don't forget; don't miss the parade tomorrow! Also, as sort of a "we're sorry" gift to the passager's of the last departure from Cinnabar Island, they may board the ship at no cost, and stay on the same class as before. And we here at KVCP would like to thank Ryo and the mysterious Articuno once again for saving the ship!" "Hey!" Jessie said, "that mean's we're in first class again!" "Yeah, that's all well and good," Nick said as he glanced over to Sarah, "but she's not on first class. I doubt she'll want to stay alone, after what she's been through." Sarah looked healthier then she did before. "I'm sure I can think of something," he said. Nick changed the channel. The Pokemon League battles were on, and he watched it until he fell asleep. TBC... -- E-mail - AIM - Foratog5 Web Site - NONE...yet...... Proud Owner of: 5 "World's Crappiest Sig" Points 50,000,000,100 "AGNP Love Points" 60 "Green Italics" Points 5 "Best Charmander Fan" Points! Gives out: Various Spammer points, and various PW! Critic points.