From: Karnivax <> Subject: Re: [PW!] End Results [was Re: [PW!] Waiting to start [ATTN: Karnivax]] Date: Tuesday, February 08, 2000 1:58 PM > Sarah Jane looked at Karnivax. Sitting in a shady corner of the room, Karnivax briefly stopped typing away at his brand-new laptop and looked up. "Cameos are the way to go!" he happily exclaimed to no one in particular. "This gravy train's never gonna run out!" Anything she was about to say was > interrupted by growling and squawking. Kyle looked down and saw two > apparently battle ready, growling Nidorans and a baby Aerodactyl who > was jumping up and down, squawking and flapping its wings as if trying > to get airborne to attack. > > "Cuddles, Spunky, sit!" said Sarah Jane as she scooped up Pteryx and > put her in her carrier. The two complied, but continued to growl and > glare at the man who allowed his pokemon to hurt their friend. With a > brief nod, Sarah Jane followed Kyle to the ER. Her grandfather was > just walking out. > > "Grandpa? How are they?" she asked anxiously. > > "Stonewall should be out in a day or so, good as new," said Dr. > Eckert. "He's in a special area reserved for giant pokemon." > > "What about Nipper?" > > "Nipper is going to be out of commission for a few weeks, until he's > ready to shed the damaged shell," said Dr. Eckert. "I was going to > have one of my aides send your Staryu's pokeball here. I'll take > Nipper home with me to Rosetta when we leave." > > Sarah Jane looked crestfallen. Not only had she had Nipper since she > was little, but Nipper was one of the key Pokemon on her team. She > would have to rely on a Staryu that had only seen a couple of battles > as her primary water pokemon. She allowed Kyle to lead her back to > where Jessica was being kept. Cuddles, Spunky, and Shields followed. > In the E.R., Kyle sat down close to Jessica's recuperation chamber...close enough that he could watch Jessica's reactions out of the corner of his eye. Sarah Jane sat down across from Kyle and waited impatiently for the "word" he had promised. Shields, unable to find a spare chair, mimed sitting down in one. Cuddles and Spunky just scowled at Kyle. _Crap,_ the writer's-block-afflicted Karnivax mentally remarked from the waiting room. _Come to think of it, even *I* don't know what Kyle's going to say! I guess I brought this upon myself...hmmm...but maybe...maybe I can go to Deja, and cancel my previous post! That way, I can theoretically escape this apology business and forget I ever - what?! Deja is down *again*?!!! NOOOOO!!!_ Karnivax ran his fingers through his hair nervously. _Okay, Paul, don't panic. Remember, all you have to do is get through this interaction, then write one more story, and you can go on a nice looong sabbatical..._ He slowly started typing again. "Look, Sarah Jane," Kyle finally started. "I know what I did out there was mind-bogglingly stupid, but...I thought maybe if you could understand my rationale, you might find it in your heart to forgive me..." Kyle noticed Jessica cringing at the sheer afterschool-special quality of his introduction. Sarah Jane raised one eyebrow. "I'm listening." "Well, you Rhydon was originally raised by a member of Team Rocket...and when said Rocket died a few months ago, I couldn't just leave his Pokémon to die with him. So I took them with me..." Sarah Jane's eyes widened. In her mind, any expectation of Kyle to redeem himself after admitting he had sent out a Rocket's Pokémon against her quickly faded away. She was tempted to interrupt, but she restrained herself. Jessica was slowly shaking her head. "...and my dad has been taking care of them since then," Kyle continued, undaunted. "He won the Pokémon League Games before he was my age, so he knows what he's doing. And judging by the fact that I know nothing has happened to my dad since he took those Pokémon into his care, I had to assume that he'd tamed them enough to be usable..." Sarah Jane could hardly hold her anger back. "That doesn't explain why you didn't call that Rhydon back! Don't tell me you didn't notice what he was doing!" "I couldn't tell how much he was hurting them," Kyle said, trying not to raise his voice. "I had a Scyther once who could lose a whole arm in battle and not show the slightest sign of discomfort." Jessica sweatdropped. "Some trainer you are," Sarah Jane said under her breath. "It isn't bad enough you stood by and watched *my* Pokémon get torn apart..." Recognizing that he was going nowhere slow, Kyle finally stood up and loudly started to pour his heart out: "You want to know the real reason why I sent out that Rhydon *and* left him out? There are actually quite a few reasons!" Kyle took a deep breath, then went on, "Maybe I did it because I didn't want my manic-depressive, emotionally unstable Charizard to get crushed by your Onix! Or maybe I did it because I didn't want to disappoint my father, who for years has told me how proud he'd be to have his son follow in his footsteps!" Then Kyle pointed at Jessica. "Or maybe yet, I did it because Jessica there had so much faith in me going into this round that I couldn't stand to let her down by losing!" The fury left Kyle's voice. He slumped back into his chair. "I love her so much..." Hearing that, Jessica looked positively stunned. Perhaps Kyle's last reason would have made more sense to Sarah Jane had she known that Jessica was usually human. But in any case, Sarah Jane did not know quite what to say. Kyle sighed heavily. "My judgment was clouded by a million different things at once...and I'm totally sorry I couldn't sort it all out..." He paused yet again. "If there's anything, anything at all, that I can do to repay you for this, just...tell me..." Karnivax: ::stops holding breath, heaves sigh of relief:: ^_^; --K * A * R * N * I * V * A * X-- "My friends, no matter how rough the road may be, we can and we will never, never surrender to what is right." --Dan Quayle -- Free audio & video emails, greeting cards and forums Talkway - - Talk more ways (sm)