From: Enter your name here <> Subject: [PW!] Enter Enimuram Date: Saturday, January 22, 2000 7:52 PM Enimuram stood on the steps of the Viridian Gym and TR HQ, with his Magnemite floating by his side. "Hmmm," he thought to himself, "I know. I'll just catch a Pikachu in the Viridian Forest. A Pikachu will please the boss, for sure..." Enimuram began to walk toward the forest, when he saw a man running by. "Must be trainiing for the Viridian Marathon," he thought to himself. Just then, hundreds of ball-like objects began to roll toward him...but these balls had faces! Enimuram put his Pokedex up to these balls. "Electrode and Voltorb," replied the Pokedex. "These pokemon are prone to explosions. Use extreme caution. They are of the Electric Type." "Well," thought Enimuram to himself. "It's no Pikachu, but I suppose I'll steal one of this dope's Electrodes. Boss should be very pleased." He flicked a Pokeball on his belt into the decoratory pool. Out popped his Tentacool. "Tentacool, as soon as they come around again, restrain that man and hold him to the poll with your tentacles." Tentacool nodded. The man made another pass, and Tentacool obeyed Enimuram's orders. "I've got 'em now. Pokeball, go." Enimuram threw his Pokeball at the largest Electrode. It popped out easily, and rolled over toward Enimuram. The Electrode began to glow. Fearing for the worst, Enimuram hid behind a column. The Electrode exploded, causing a large blast. The Tentacool weakned its grip. Enimuram's active Magnemite floated silently toward the did another. 5 Electrodes began to glow. "Magnemite, Sonicboom." A whirlwind of energy was sent at the Electrodes. 4 floated away and exploded in the air, but 1 was still ready to explode. Another wave of energy was sent at it. But Enimuram's Magnemite didn't do it...the other did. The Electrode exploded harmlessly in the air. More Electrodes began to explode, and the process was repeated. A huge pack of Voltorb and Electrode gathered in one place. Enimuram clicked his other Pokeball off his belt, and out popped his Eevee. "Aweee," said the Eevee, scratching itself. "Eevee, Tackle that Electrode into the center of that pile," Enimuram told the Eevee. The Eevee stoop there, scratching its body still. "EEVEE!" commanded Enimuram, "Tackle that Electrode!" Eevee did nothing. It seemed the Magnemites had missed an exploding Electrode, as one landed right at Eevee's feet. Enimuram ducked behind a pole. BOOM! The Electrode exploded. Eevee was sent flying into a pool. Eevee's eyes flared with anger. Eevee raced straight for the Electrode. The Electrode began to explode, but Eevee tackled it right into the pile. Eevee scampered back to Enimuram, as a chain reaction of explosions took place. Only one Electrode survived. It, too, began to explode. Enimuram's Magnemite began to blow it away. "I won't let you get away!" screamed Enimuram. "Pokeball, go!" As Enimuram said this, the Electrode was sky high, but feel to the ground. He was caught easily. "Maybe that Electrode WASN'T his..." Enimuram thought to himself. He recalled his Tentacool and Eevee, and Magnemite floated back to Enimuram. The man was released from Tentacool's grip. The man ran toward Enimuram. "THANK YOU FOR SAVING ME FROM THOSE ELECTRODE!" he yelled in joy. "I FINALLY MET SOMEONE WHO HATES ELECTRODE AS MUCH AS I DO NOW!" Enimuram stood stunned. "But....I....uh...I mean..." "What do you say we travel around and try to rid the world of this evil scum? "Uhhhh....sure....I guess.....I have some business to do inside." "OK. My name's Andy. I'm sure we'll have lots of adventures together!" "Hey Andy. My name's Enimuram." And with that, Enimuram dashed inside to Viridian Gym. TBC... ----------- --EYNH "Mars is bright tonight." AIM: VaporTales, OCCASIONALLY VaporMandr or Magnemillennium ICQ: 38966635 E-mail: