From: <> Subject: Re: [PW!][PODA] Escape and Rescue Date: Monday, January 31, 2000 5:51 PM In article <86lo0a$em1$>, wrote: > > > "I think I can break us free..." Jamie says, struggling with the > ropes. > > "Is that an actual wise decision?" Lewis asks. > > Why wasn't it a wise decision? Tiki had been 'kind' enough to let our > > heroes hang around for awhile. Hang over a thirty story building, > that > > is. > > "Can you think of a better way to help us?" Jamie asks. > > "Yes, if I could reach one of my pokeballs." Lewis says. > > "Well, you can't so let's just make the best of this." Marco says. > > Jamie carefully gets out of the ropes and climps onto the roof using > > the rope. > > "There, I'll help you all up, now." Jamie says, pulling the others up. > > "Things can't get any worse, can they?" Lewis asks. > > "Unless we can find a way to stop them, no." Score says. > > "I think I have an idea." Lewis says. > > "What?" Darian asks. > > "I scanned Tiki's mind. It was difficult, but I did it. When Mewtwo > > created him, some, thing got carried into him with the rest. Mewtwo > > may have a way to stop it." Lewis explains. > > Before Lewis could continue, Jamie gave him a good left hook in the > > jaw. > > "No... No... NO! We are never, EVER going to ask that creature's > > help!!!" Jamie shouts. > > "Well aren't we the angered one. Haven't you been paying attention > > today? Tiki's gone nuts, and John and Pipian are working for Team > > Rocket! I don't care whatever the hell Mewtwo did to you-" Lewis > > starts to say. > > "I tried to kill the current members of the PODA! And I nearly > > succeeded!" Jamie shouts. > > "Do you have a better idea?" Lewis asks. > > "This us just what we need: fighting with the group." Score says. > > "Who asked you?!" Lewis and Jamie shout at Score. > > > It was at about this time that the gang noticed the group of rockets > staring evilly at them. "Uhhh, uhm, heh hi guys..." Lewis said meekly. > "We're going to mess you guys up real good." The rockets said taking > out weaponry of various sorts. Lewis's eyes started glowing, "Oh no > you don't," the rocket said pushing the on button on the ATB. > "AHHHHH!!!!" Lewis's eyes started sparking as he fell to the ground > and fainted. AT this point the Rockets charged, Mike (who hadn't used > his psychic powers), Bridget, Jamie, Score, and Marco. > "Well I don't know aboiut you guys but I'm gonna put up a fight!!!" > Score yelled shooting out his tongue. It wrapped around him and he > jumped at a pair of Rockets attacking them. Jamie and Mike ran into a > group of Rockets. > Marco tried to run into the fray only to find Bridget grabbing onto > his leg screeming "DONT LEAVE ME TO DIE!!!!" she said crying. > "LET GO OF ME BRIDGET YOUR NOT GOING TO DIE!!!" Marco yelled. > Despite these problems Ty was kicking some ass and had managed to get > to the Rocket with the APB, he attacked the rocket sending the APB > flying. > Tiki caught it in mid flight, "Well isn't this impressive," he said > holding a gun at ty and shooting two shots into his left arm and > shoulder. Ty fell to the ground from the shock. "Well I'm glad I got > here when I did, it appears that these stupid rockets can't take care > of anything on their own." Tiki pushed another button on the APB, Mike > now reeled in pain and fainted as well. A few rockets grabbed Jamies > and withstrained her. Tiki walked over to her, "And now we see the > never-ceasing Jamie, well it's been sometime hasn't it, lets see last > time I saw you what happened??? OH YES... I killed you." Tiki sneered > at Jamie. > "Go to HELL!!!" She yelled spitting in Tiki's face. She then broke > free and charged Tiki. Who promptly dodged to the side, grabbed > Jamie's arm and twisted it behind her, violently. > "Never ceasing, Jamie. If you only knew what you were dealing with," > "TIKI I know your in there, I know you can fight this thing, you > don't have to do this." Jamie screemed at Tiki's body. > "Oh he's in there alright but he can't come to the phone right now. > Jamie Tiki doesn't have to do this but I do, it's what I love so much. > It's been so long since I've killed someone, I think Ill start with you > again." Tiki held up his gun to Jamie's neck and pumped a shot into > her throat he whirled two shots into Score's forehead. he looked at > the other four, they weren't part of his crusade. "Not worht my > effort, you rockets can do with them as you please. I have to go talk > to your bosses." Tiki walked off and as he did he pushed the off > button for the EMP emitter on the phone. > OOC: Sorry about the other post, I didn't read the part where Tiki shot the gun at the two. Lewis looked up with an ounce of strength. "Jamie, I don't care what you think right now. MEWTWO!" Lewis shouts. Everything froze. Lewis found himself able to get up, and he stood up, brushing the dust off his clothes. "Well that's better! Now show yourself, I have to talk to you." Lewis says. The white creature appeared. "I know why. And I have an answer for you." Mewtwo says. "Wonderful!" Lewis says, cracking a smile. "No chance in hell." Mewtwo replies. Lewis facefalls. "Listen, Mewtwo. That thing in Mewtwo is obviousely planning against you, and using Tiki as the Doomsday device, could kill you. You have to help!" Lewis says. Mewtwo's eyes glow and Lewis found himself unable to breath! "DON'T TELL ME WHAT I HAVE TO DO! I would rather be torn in half, poked by steaming metal, and being cut into many peices than help them! I have my plans for you. My memory is still being tracked about how I know you, and that girl and that boy who has the memory loss. As soon as I find out, your usefulness to me will be over. So never say I have to help the PODA scum." Mewtwo says, releasing his grip. Lewis fell, gasping and replied, "They were right. You're just some thing that man was trying to create. Man was playing god, and maybe they should've had a few more brainstorming sessions before creating you." Lewis replies. "Go. And never call me about this again." Mewtwo replies. The frozen state ended, and Lewis saw Score getting up! Of course, his super strength protected him! Lewis ran over to Jamie and used his psychic power to recover her. "This is not the time for squabelling, get up Jamie and let's go!" Lewis shouts. Sent via Before you buy.