From: Enter your name here <> Subject: [PW!] Escape from Viridian Gym Date: Wednesday, January 26, 2000 6:43 PM Enimuram swung open the huge, stone doors of the Viridian Gym. Andy followed him, both with Magnemites hovering at their sides. They walked through the many complexes of the gym, many filled with Giovanni's Pokemon. Finally, they reached a room with a door decorated in gold and silver. "You should stay in the hall." Enimuram told Andy. Andy nodded. Enimuram opened the door. "So you've finally returned. What have you found?" "I've found this Electrode, sir." Enimuram released his newly caught Electrode. Giovanni gave Enimuram a sinister look. He was obviously angry." "When there were rare Pikachu right under your nose, you had to bring me THIS?!" Giovanni yelled at Enimuram. The Electrode was obviously mad at Giovanni's last comment. It began to steam up, and then--BOOM! The Electrode exploded. Pieces of shrapnel flew at Giovanni and Enimuram. "You wont escape here alive, Enimuram. Rhydon, go!" Giovanni threw a Pokeball, and out popped his Rhydon, blocking the only exit out of the room. "It's all over, Enimuram. Give it up." "I won't go down without a fight!" Enimuram screamed in fear. "Tentacool, go!" Enimuram's Pokeball was thrown to the ground. A beam of light, then a Tentacool emerged from the ball. "Hahahah. Rhydon! Fury Attack!" The Rhydon abandoned its post at the door exit and lunged repeatedly at Tentacool. It dodged most, but not all of Rhydon's attacks. Tentacool slumped to the ground, weakened, but not fainted. "Once it's done with the Tentacool, the Rhydon will finish off you. Horn Drill!" "NO!" shouted Enimuram. Rhydon was just about to connect with the fainting blow, when a stream of water hit it from the back. It was Andy with his Vaporeon. "I heard the commotion inside, and decided to check in." Andy said. "Hey man, guess you returned my favor." Enimuram said. "Hah. Stop them, Victreebel!" The two began running down the halls, but Victreebel appeared right in front of them. "In here!" Enimuram pulled Andy into a door. The room they had just entered was filled with artwork, decorations, and...evolution stones. Enimuram felt a wobble in one of his pokeballs. His Eevee emerged. "Eevee, this is no time for fun and games!" Victreebel and Giovanni burst through the door. "Enimuram, I'll give you one last chance. Give me all of your and your friend's pokemon, and my Victreebel WON'T finish you both off. "Never!" yelled Enimuram. "I won't abandon my pokemon!" Eevee ran and hid in a pile of evolution stones. "Fine. Prepare to die. Victreebel! Razor Leaf!" Leaves formed above Victreebel. They flew at Enimuram at high speeds. One struck Enimuram right in the chest, another struck Andy in the leg. "Victreebel! Slam! Kill them." Victreebel began to jump on Enimuram for the final blow. *This is the end,* though Enimuram. Victreebel seemed to miss--but it didn't look normal. It was burnt severly. A Flareon emerged from the pile of evolution stones. "Eevee! You evolved when you hid in that pile, didn't you?" Enimuram shouted in joy. "Flare," confirmed the Flareon. "I have an idea," Andy told Enimuram. "Flareon and Vaporeon should stay here and fend off Giovanni, while we make a break for it." Enimuram nodded. They made a dash to the gym exit. Sure enough, the plan worked. When they reached the door, they both recalled their pokemon. They escaped into the outside word. "Everyone," Giovanni commanded his fellow rockets. "Put an APB out for Andy and Enimuram. They will be killed at all costs." TBC... ----------- --EYNH "Mars is bright tonight." AIM: VaporTales, OCCASIONALLY VaporMandr or Magnemillennium ICQ: 38966635 E-mail: