From: Susan <dragon0313@aol.commies> Subject: [PW!]Excentric Electric! Date: Thursday, January 20, 2000 4:54 PM (Okay, nothing excentric about this. It was a toss up between "Excentric" and "Eclectic", and there is nothing even slightly eclectic about the electric trainers.) "So, what's it going to be?" Mandy asked Ron, "Do we confront her or do we run?" `Like we just did,' she continued in her mind. They'd darted around corners and into shops and eventually decided that they couldn't have been followed. Now they were in a cute little coffee bar. Vermillion was a nice city for doing that losing people in, though it couldn't compare to celadon. A thought that had nothing to do with her current problem scuttled through her mind.She'd have to visit her old school while she was here. "I've got an idea, but she has to come to us for it to work," Ron said, between sips of a triple-decaf-cafe-mocha-java-deluxe-with cinnamon, whipped-cream, brown sugar,chocolate flakes and milk. He whispered something to Mandy that we can't hear, mostly because I'm not sure what the plan is. It'll probably be something absurd, that's how I prefer my stories. Later, at Surge's gym: Mandy tentatively walked walked into the gym, holding Amaranth in her arms. "Are you sure we should be doing this? *She* might be here!" she hissed to Ron. Ember nudged her in a comforting way, but it didn't help. Mandy had been on edge since Ron had explained the situation. She didn't blame him, but he was laden with guilt anyway. Before he could answer, a man with lightning colored (and shaped) hair walked up to them. He was too scrawny to be Surge, thought Mandy, correctly. "You two here to challenge Surge?" They nodded. "You've gotta beat me and my friend first." A slightly more muscular man appeared out of nowhere. "Okay, but we set the terms," the two glared at Ron, but he persisted. "We'll each have two on two battles. I'll go up against you," he pointed to the one near him, "and you can battle Mandy. I'll go first if you don't mind, Mandy." Mandy didn't so they took places. "Okay, Cloe, go!" The beam of light revealed a weedle, pleased to be able to battle. "Voltorb, go!" "Ulg! I hate voltorbs! Poison sting!" The sting manged to get through, and the voltorb looked a bit ill as the electric trainer called: "Tackle!" The voltorb came right at Cloe, just missing as Ron yelled "Cloe, duck, then use tackle!" The voltorb grazed the top of Cloe's stinger. The tough little weedle managed to get on top of the voltorb and jumped up and down. This caused the voltorb to roll, with Cloe trying to maintain balance. "I hate to do this, but VOLTORB, SELF DESTUCT!" The ball exploded, blasting Cloe against the wall. Ron ran over to squirt some potion on her and put her in the ball. "Cloe, I'll get you to the center soon. You'll be okay until then." Despite his words, Ron looked worried. "Magneton, go." "Umm. I guess I should use George." George the caterpie tumbled from his pokeball. "What, another bug? What are you, a bug catcher? Magneton, thundershock now!" The thunder rocked the little bug, but he stood his ground despite looking a little woozy. "Hang in there George! Weaken it with string shot!" Strands of fillament entangled the poor magneton. "Ha! Magneton, tackle!" The magneton couldn't manage it. The strands held him back. "Great, one last attack George! Bring him down and tackle *him*!" The strings brought the feebly struggling magneton to the ground, effectively winning the match. "Rats. Okay, your turn," said the electiric trainer to Mandy and the other. TBC? Of course, but I'm bored now, so I'm effectively done for the night. -Susan, Jedi Hamster Official WDTSF Spontaneous Vocalization Specialist; Director of Unexpected Screaming. Defender of truth, justice, freedom and hamsters. Contact my hamster at