From: Adrian Tymes <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Excuuuuuse me, Princess! Date: Tuesday, January 04, 2000 9:43 PM Maria Rocket wrote: > "Off to Celadon then? Mimic have feeling should head that direction anyway." > > Maria scooped up Slasher. "Definitely. Sounds like a party....and I'm a blast > at parties." She snuggled up to his arm. > > Mimic gave her a wary look. " doubt that." At the airport... "What's wrong?" Mimic looked even more warily at the Pidgeot, which Slasher had already secured a seat on. "Mimic never ride before. Mimic always just be..." Maria flicked her eyes over his form. "I can imagine. If you want to fly next to me, it's no big deal..." Mimic frowned. "No. Mimic...Mimic no want leave Maria right now. No know why, just right." They looked at each other uncomfortably. Both were thinking of the same solution: have Mimic transform and Maria ride him. But neither one was willing to suggest it. Eventually, Mimic shrugged off a bit of his nervousness. "Mimic...will try...but Maria get on first." Maria nodded, hopped on, then pulled Mimic up behind her. Once the two were safely seated, the pidgeot sprang airborne. It had been trained to ignore any conversations of its passengers except as they related to the aerial transport's job, but it still got a kick out of scaring those who were afraid to ride it. Thus, the trio were subjected to an unusually large number of aerobatics - nothing that could possibly endanger them, the pidgeot knew, not that such could be known from their viewpoint - before settling into an efficient glide. "Mimic, you're crushing me." "Sorry." Mimic loosened his grip on Maria, pondering exactly why he was holding her. Twin desires coursed through him: a desire to protect her from the world, like a titanium safe, and a counter desire not to hurt her, as if handing her like an eggshell. "Mimic feel like jewelry box." That phrase, and Mimic's subsequent silence, puzzled Maria for the rest of the trip. TBC? > (Okay now, who recognizes the exact reference in the title? ^_^; ) I don't remember the exact episode, but wasn't that from one of the Zelda cartoons?