From: Susan <dragon0313@aol.commies> Subject: [PW] Feeling Stupid Date: Tuesday, January 25, 2000 11:30 AM "Will Ember be okay?" Mandy asked Nurse Joy. "Yes, but she shouldn't have gone up against an Electabuzz! What in the world were you thinking? She could have been killed! It's a miracle that she and that oddish are still alive!" Mandy accepted the rebuke mildly. She was right. "And as for you," Nurse Joy turned to Ron, "Were you dropped on your head as a small child? A Weedle against an Electrode..."she trailed off then became loud again. "You're lucky the knock didn't cause brain damage! And so close to evolution, too! You're lucky it didn't stop her growth all together! She and the caterpie are very close to evolving! You need to be more careful!" Ron was silent. "Keep both of them out of their pokeballs for a week. They'll be fine after that." Ron scooped up George and placed him on his shoulders and held Cloe in his arms. "What about Ember?" "She'll have to avoid battles for about ten days. She should stay here overnight though, just so we can watch her. You two can stay here." "Thank you Nurse Joy," Mandy said. Amaranth said something about staying with Ember, so Mandy let her stay. The two quietly left the room. Mandy walked out onto the street and Ron followed. By now it was getting dark. "Where are you going?" Mandy sighed. "The shop we saw earlier. If we'd had some potions and antidotes Ember and Cloe might not be so badly hurt." Cloe cheeped from Ron's arms. "Cloe says there was nothing we could have done." "That's as maybe, but we still need some potions and antidotes." The conversation continued like this until something got in their path. The something cleared her throat. TBC? -Susan, Jedi Hamster Official WDTSF Spontaneous Vocalization Specialist; Director of Unexpected Screaming. Defender of truth, justice, freedom and hamsters. Contact my hamster at