From: Ali Oceanmist <> Subject: [PW!] Fly Me To Mt. Moon! Date: Monday, January 03, 2000 6:14 PM Warning: The beginning is kinda gory, so if you have a weak stomach, or just can't bare to read about Zubat and Spearow being chopped into tiny bits, I suggest you don't read the first few paragraphs. Ali, Agiotoee, and Scyther traveled quickly through Mt. Moon. A flock of Zubat who had been joined by an angry team of Spearow that Scyther decided to gang up on had been following them all throughout the cave. Of course, by now, Ali and Agiotoee were pooped, but Scyther was flying behind the flock, slashing right and left often, blood splattering across the cave walls, and wings and heads, not to mention the chopped up bodies of the creatures, falling all over the cave, making many Clefairy and scavenger Pokémon emerge from hiding to go collect the items that could be somewhat useful to them. "SCYTHER!! SCYY!!" The bug Pokémon screamed, the loud screeches and squacks of the of Spearows and Zubats following. Ali was about to hurl after a splotch of blood hit her cheek. She was really running out of breath, and her side felt like someone had jammed a sword into it. She gasped for air, then fell to the ground, panting and wheezing. Agiotoee stopped, eyes wide, looking back to his trainer who now was covered in angry Spearow and Zubat. A few Zubat had latched on to her arm, some decided to try and fight off Scyther, while all of the Spearow surrounded her, pecking at her furiously, many of them putting deep cuts in her back, arms, and legs. "MELEON!!" Agiotoee yelled, waving his claws at the Spearow and smacking them with the edge of his tail, many Spearow flying higher into the cave, screeching since they had been set ablaze. About half of them had been killed a few minutes later due to severe burns after all their feathers were toasted. Agiotoee then finally got to Ali, ripping all the Zubat off of her, of course ripping off some skin in the process. Ali screamed with pain, tears filling her baby blue eyes. Agiotoee gave her a concerned look, then took her ankles, dragging her to the edge of the cave. He set her down there, then Scyther flew up, landing on the cave floor, his razor-sharp arms covered in blood. He was obviously tired, since the very moment he landed he fell flat on his face. Everyone needed to get to a PokéCenter, and Agiotoee was the only one who could get everyone there. Pidgeotto and Agiotoee pulled a small, flat 'carriage' they had made from a pile of leaves and some sap they had found in a clearing. Agiotoee had managed to release Pidgeotto, so he had luckily gotten some help, although both himself and Pidgeotto were starting to get very tired. It was already very late in the night. Pidgeotto stopped suddenly, though, his eyes widening and brightening. They had arrived just outside the city! They were in Cerulean! Finally! Ali woke up a few hours later. She was sitting on a sofa in the Cerulean PokéCenter, wrapped in a blanket, a strange lady in a nurse outfit standing above her. Ali's vision was very blurred, but soon, she had managed to get it back.. "AHHH!!" Ali screamed, seeing the lady in full view, now. The other trainers, and their Pokémon, all turned to stare at her. Nurse Joy blinked, tilting her head in confusion. "What is it? It's just me, Nurse Joy of Cerulean!" She said, her voice slightly concerned, but soft and comforting as well. "Oh. Pardon me, Nurse Joy." Ali replied, very embarrassed now. "That's okay, Ali! Everyone makes mistakes." Nurse Joy smiled. "Do you wish to see your Pokémon now? They were all very weak, and your Scyther looked like it had just had plenty of fun chopping things into tiny bits." Nurse Joy gave a queezy smile. "We cleaned him up for you, and all of them were fed. Speaking of food, would you like some soup, Ali?" Nurse Joy asked, swallowing a bit. The thought of food and blood didn't really mix for her. "Oh, yes, I would love to see my Pokémon!" She immediately sat up, smiling largely. "Oh, and, about Scyther.. Oh, nevermind, you wouldn't want to hear about it. And thank you very much, but I'd only like some water, please. I'm not hungry." She too wasn't the happiest creature in the world as she thought back to the incident only a couple of hours ago. Nurse Joy nodded, then turned to go get some water. "I'll be right back. Chansey should bring you your Pokémon shortly." Ali nodded back, and just as Nurse Joy turned down the hall to find a water fountain, a Chansey emerged from the ER carrying a tray of PokéBalls. It walked up to Ali, carefully holding the tray over its head with its stubby arms, then letting out a cheerful "Chansey!". Ali gratefully took the PokéBalls, patting Chansey on the head, then letting it return to its work. She immediately released everyone. All of them appeared to be happy and healthy. Dratini, Seel, Agiotoee, and Pidgeotto dived at their trainer, greeting her with many hugs, licks, and odd noises. Scyther, on the other hand, just sat down, his scythe-like arms he folded across his chest, closing his eyes. The only thing he managed to say was, "Scy." He was happy with the experience he got, but it wasn't quite enough for the power-hungry bug-type. Although her had gained a new attack, Swords Dance, from the battle, he wanted to battle more, and more, and still more, until he became one of the great Pokémon known to man! Ali, along with the rest of the gang, stared at Scyther for a while, the bug soon opening one blood-red eye, staring back at the others. He then gave a warning "SCYTHER!!" as if to say "What are you staring at, twerps!?" Ali blinked, looking to each of her Pokémon, then shaking her head a little. "I'm afraid that soon Scyther will become unruly. I better keep an eye on him, and I better start now." --------Ali Oceanmist-------- Giver Of: Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew points Ash Is Sooo Dreamy! points Points: 5 Andy Gave Me Points points 15 Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew points 1000 Ash Is Sooo Dreamy! points