From: Josh <> Subject: [PW!] Foe in the Forest Date: Tuesday, February 22, 2000 2:18 PM -Foe in the Forest-Episode 04 Zane and Pikachu have been in Viridian Forest for a couple of hours now. Zane then decides that it is time to take a little break. He lets Rattata and Weedle out of their Pokeballs to get a little exercise. While Zane's three Pokemon play with each other, he decides to take a nap. He falls asleep and has a dream. It's not just any dream though, it's the same dream that Zane has been having since he was a child. There is a man and a woman standing their repeating the same thing over and over again, "Red, Blue, Green, Black.Find the others." He usually has that dream for an hour or two, but is awaken by footsteps. He wakes up and sees a young boy standing right in front of him. Zane figures that the boy was a bug catcher because of the net he was carrying. "Hi, my names Pete. Wanna battle?" the young boy asks. ".Sure," Zane replies. "ok, go Caterpie," says Pete. "Go Weedle," Zane says. Weedle is released from his Pokeball and is immediately ready to battle. "Caterpie, String Shot now," Pete says to his Caterpie. A string comes out of Caterpie's mouth and covers the lower part of Weedle's body. "Weedle, Poison Sting attack," Zane says. Weedle then jumps directly at Caterpie, hitting him dead on and knocking him out. "Caterpie, return.Go Beedrill.," says Pete. Pete releases Beedrill and Zane starts to get worried. He doesn't think that Weedle, Rattata, or Pikachu can defeat Beedrill so he decides to stick with Weedle. "Beedrill, Focus Energy," says Pete. Beedrill starts to focus all of its energy into one hit. "Now Beedrill, use your Fury Attack," Pete says. Beedrill flies at Weedle, trying to hit him with his stinger. Weedle was barely evading Beedrill's attacks. Zane knew that he had to think of something. He suddenly smiled and knew what he had to do. "Weedle, use your Poison Sting and aim for Beedrill's head," Zane said. Weedle knew that he would only have one chance for victory and lunged at the Beedrill, hitting it directly in the head. The Beedrill dropped to the air and was recalled by its trainer. Zane and Weedle were very happy after the victory. As soon as Weedle knew that he had won, he started to glow. Zane & Pikachu looked on in amazement as Weedle evolved into Kakuna. Zane became even happier after that, and after saying bye to Pete, recalled Kakuna back to the Pokeball and continued on towards Pewter City. After another few hours of walking, Zane saw a sign saying that Pewter City was just ahead. He looks at Pikachu and smiles, realizing that his 1st Badge is so close. He suddenly stops dead in his tracks because he sees three familiar figures standing twenty feet in front of him. It was Abbey, Barbara, and Chris of Team Rocket and their all wearing rubber suits. "Long time no see," says Abbey. Zane just stands their with his hand near his pokeballs just in case they want to battle. "We didn't come here for a Pokemon Battle," said Chris. "We just came here to relay a message," she then points right behind Zane. He turns around and sees a man. He's about seven feet tall and is very muscular, and is also wearing a rubber suit. He's also from Team Rocket. "He's Team Rocket's resident steroid man," says Barbara. "Danny, show him what your made of," says Abbey. Danny then starts to move towards Zane. "Pikachu, run, go get help." Pikachu doesn't like to leave but knows that he will be no help to Zane because he cant hurt Team Rocket while their wearing rubber suits. He runs past Team Rocket and heads for Pewter City. Zane, afraid that one of his other Pokemon will get hurt, decides not to have his pokemon battle. He trusts Pikachu and knows that he will get help soon. Until then, he decides to just take the beating. It takes minutes until Zane lays on the floor, beaten and bruised. He looks up at the sky, and everything starts to go black. The last thing he remembers is hearing Pikachu and somebody else over him, telling him not to fall asleep.