From: Adrian Tymes <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Getting Into School Date: Thursday, January 13, 2000 7:57 PM Maria Rocket wrote: > > (Looks like AOL ate my post, so here goes again... -_-; ) [AOL! Hunger attack! NOW! EnEnTeePee! Counter with Replication! Hunger had no effect! AGNP saw the first post. - Tales of the PokeNet Admin, vol. 8 ^_^] > #It's lonely by myself.# > > Seth cringed. "Stop making me feel guilty...I'm hurrying." He walked a little > ways and glanced up at a dress on a mannequin and wondered how it would look on > Aerie. just didn't seem her style. > > #Then let me come with you at least! Come on Seth...# > > Seth's mind raced. "I have to do this on my own, Aer'. Just don't spy on me > for awhile, okay?" > > #Oh, fine. Hmph.# > > "Sorry about it...but trust me, I'll be back before you know it. Love ya." Aerie withdrew into herself for a moment, part of her subconsciously filling the void by reaching into the minds and fantasies of those around her, and part of her slapping the other part down as it detected the breaches of ettiquite. This was the first time she had been without Seth felt like ages. She knew every wisp of his scent, every inch of his normal form, every... #Don't go there, Aerie. You're starting to broadcast.# She curled tighter in her seat, as lovers and friends strolling the mall near her walked a little closer together without realizing it. #Is this addiction?# The thought came out of nowhere, but when she thought about it, it seemed almost too right. Even a mere two hours spent away from Seth was getting to her. If she had not already trained to have control over her body, she had no doubts she would be getting slight shivers right about now. #Is that a problem?# Part of her mind detached for just a second, forming a stereotype of the type of arrogance that comes from knowing one is right and everyone else is wrong and being able to prove it beyond all doubt. #Excerpt from medical texts: addiction is only a condition to be treated when it is deleterious to the subject's health. We are all "addicted" to air, but that is not something that a reasonable doctor would seek to cure. Some forms of addiction are positive; witness recent breakthroughs in rehabilitating traumatized children by using the neurochemistry of addiction to remove their fear of normal social situations. On the other hand, addiction to poisons was one of the most commonly treated phenomena back in-# #shut up# Aerie shook her head. Now she was arguing with herself! What was next, full blown schizophrenia? #Hi, Seth, I'm your adorable, affectionate, overly cute girlfriend *zzt* WHO'S GOING TO TEAR YOU TO PIECES AND STUFF YOU INTO A HOLLOWED OUT SALTLICK *zzt* do I know you?# *Not* good. So lost was she in this introspective that she almost did not feel it when a familiar hand set down on her shoulder...but she knew him too well not to recognize him. "SETH!" She sprang up, whirling in mid-air to where she knew his lips would be, and gave him a deep kiss... ...only to break off in confusion. "You're not Seth." The could-be-Seth in her arms took a second to recover. "Mimic...glad son have someone look out for him..." "Mimic?" Aerie released him, letting him fall on his rear. "Umm...sorry?" When Mimic did not reply, Maria helped him up. Slasher-the-not-yet-time-traveller sized Aerie up with a look. TBC?