From: Bandraptor <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Ghost Town Date: Thursday, February 03, 2000 4:57 AM >>"My Master Ball!" he cried, in obvious pain but with no other visible >>regard for his current predicament... >> > >"How dare you say that in front of a ten-year-old!" scolded Shard. "My... >Master Ball... gone..." gasped Kohban. "Either they just had him fixed, or >he's carrying pokeballs," said Shard in realization. "But if he was just fixed, he wouldn't HAVE any Pokéballs!" Nori argued, "...Unless he's a Pokémon that's also a trainer, in which case he would be carrying Pokéballs." Shard slapped a hand to his forehead. Kohban ignored all this nonsense, and got to his feet, intent on following the Slowpoke who had his precious Master Ball. Unfortunately, he found this quite impossible, as the two humans were blocking his path. Kohban stretched a paw out towards the slowly retreating Pokémon, and let out a piteous cry, "Master Baaaall!" "--But even if he IS a trainer, I still don't see how he could have gotten hold of a Master Ball. They're not exactly commonplace, and most humans don't even have one, let alone..." Nori shot a glance down at Kohban, "...mangy, flea-bitten old Meowths." She paused for a second, "Maybe his trainer had his Pokébelt stolen by some Rockets who're more industrious than we seem to be as of late, and what he was really saying was, 'My Master's balls!' as they fled off into the fog and boarded a ship headed to Cinnabar!" Shard blinked. "Yeah, maybe. Look, he's standing right there, so why don't you ask him yourself?" "Okay." Nori lifted the cat from the ground in the precarious manner that's reserved for very old animals, who look like they may crumble to dust at the drop of a hat, and dirty spittoon cups that are left abandoned on movie theatre floors; and spoke to it gently. "Hey there, kitty. Can you tell me where your human is?" TBC... -Beth, of the ever changing sig. Lone member of the Butch and Cassidy Fanclub! Holder of 25 Zeni Points! And 20 Kanji Moder Points! (whatever those are)