From: RobfromVoid <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Ghostly Business Date: Tuesday, February 01, 2000 2:37 PM Nendil wrote: > "I'll think about it..." Robert slipped off his shoes and walked into the > living room, where he was immediately assaulted by a Gengar with a cream pie. > "Good to see you to," Robert mumbled through a faceful of cream. Haunter > immediately materialized before him to clean off his face with a bit slobbery > lick. Robert's eyes started twitching while Gengar looked jealous. > > "Ugh, I'm just glad that they usually clean up after themselves..." Rilli sighed > as she lead Robert over to the sofa. "I don't want to think about what will > happen when the baby hatches though. So then, what brings you here?" "You do, of course!" Robert smiles while running his hands up and down Rilli's sides, an action that he found was out ticklish for her after spending almost his entire Pokemon Journey by her side. Mithril-rama responds as is likely for anyone who is being tickled - she giggles uncontrollably while trying to get Robert to stop! Since she's been tickle-attacked by her little brother so much, it doesn't take her long to firmly grab onto Robert's wrists, stopping his busy hands, "No, really, Robert. There has to be a reason you came other than just me." "Well, yeah, but it involves you. I mean it involves us. Our Ghost Pokemon, at least." Robert glances over to where Gengar and Haunter are copying their trainers' earlier actions, though the couple's undead tickling is much more erotic than Robert's playful kind and Rilli's Haunter isn't trying to stop it. Robert's eyes go wide and he shouts, "HEY! Calm down, you two! Don't make me bring in a Pokéhose!" The Ghosts stop and float into Rilli's mother's room, which is currently unoccupied, in search of more privacy. Mithril-rama wipes a sweatdrop off her forehead and asks, "What about them? You don't think we should get them neutered like ma suggested, do you?" "No way!" Robert cringes, imagining the pain Gengar would feel while at the same time wondering how it would be possible to neuter a creature that most objects merely phase right through, "Quite the contrary, Rilli. I think they should become even more... uhm... active. But not in the dirty way that brought their first egg into the world. I want them to get married before their egg hatches so that their first baby isn't born out of wedlock." Rilli smiles at the idea until objections set into her rational mind, "Wait, are you sure that *they* want to get married? It wouldn't be right for us to decide their future for them. And who weds Pokemon with each other, anyway?" "Oh, I'm sure that *they* won't object to the idea." Robert pauses for a moment when Rilli looks a little doubtful, "It's not like they're Dennis Rodmankey and Carmen Electrode - our Ghost Pokemon really *do* love each other, despite the fact that it looks like they just lust each other. Oh, and Mr. Fuji, my mentor, is a certified Pokéminister. He can wed them! Hey, I know, let's go see him right now! I've been meaning to visit him, anyhow." Mithril-rama looks downward and shakes her head, "I'm sorry, Robert, but I can't go right now... I have a bunch of chores ma wants me to do." Right after Rilli mentions her mother, the woman's shriek is heard, followed by, "Mithril-rama! What is the meaning of this? I walk into my room and find your Pokemon on my bed... I am embarrased to say what they were doing!" "On second thought..." Rilli grabs Robert's hand and leads him towards the door. She shouts back to her mom, "What was that, ma?" She slides her feet into her sneakers without putting on her socks while her mother shouts out against Gengar and Haunter's actions. Rilli yells, "Huh? You want me to do my chores? Okay, I'll take care of them when I come back home..." Rilli pulls Robert through her house's front door after he puts on his own shoes, closing the door behind her. Gengar and Haunter race out of Rilli's mom's room and phase right through the front door, following Robert and Rilli. By the time Rilli's mom reaches the front door to ask her daughter where she was going, Robert, Rilli, and their Ghost Pokemon are no where to be seen. Mithril-rama's mother sighs, "Mithril-rama used to be such a responsible girl before she met Robert. That boy is a bad influence." "Here we are, Mr. Fuji's Pokemon Volunteer House!" Robert spreads his arms out towards the old building, taking in the surrounding Lavender Town atmosphere. Gengar recognizes the house and goes into it before anyone else. Robert heads in next, followed by Rilli, who is in turn followed by Haunter, who is carrying a violet egg in her floating hands. "Ah, hello, Robert!" The middle aged man known as Mr. Fuji walks up to the front door of the Volunteer House to greet his visitors with Robert's Gengar at his side. Mr. Fuji smiles, "I could hardly recognize Haunter now that's he's a Gengar." He notices the eight badges pinned on Robert's shirt, "Wow! It looks like your Journey is over, Robert! Are you going to join another league now? It's rumored that the Orange Crew in the Orange Archipelago will be taking new competitors sometime soon." Robert shakes his head, unsure of what the Orange Crew is, but not interested in finding out, "I'm settling down, Mr. Fuji. I'm trying to get funding to build my very own unofficial Gym here in Lavender Town so I can keep training my Pokemon without traveling around the world..." He places his arm around Rilli's back, "Rilli's going to help me out with everything!" "You wish to build a Gym, eh?" Mr. Fuji grins and pauses to remember something, "Since this Volunteer House is so old and pretty small..." He motions towards the rustic enviornment of the small room he is in, where young children play with various baby Pokemon. Mr. Fuji continues, "...not too long ago, I was offered a large abandoned warehouse near Pokemon Tower to serve as a New Volunteer House. Not only did I not have the money to repair the warehouse, I am also emotionally attached to this building, so I turned down the offer, but I can find out if the offer still stands. If it does, would you like to build your Diversity Gym there?" Robert's eyes sparkle with joy at the news, "I know the place you're talking about... it's huge! People say it's haunted, but what *isn't* haunted in Lavender Town? So, yeah, of course I'll be glad to use it as my Gym! I'll take any kind of building, especially if it's free! I just hope that I can raise enough money to turn the warehouse into a decent Pokemon Gym." "I'll let you know as soon as I find out, then." Mr. Fuji nods. When Gengar sees that Mr. Fuji has finished with Robert, the ghost hops around, making quite a commotion. Mr. Fuji chuckles, "My, my, what's Gengar so worked up about? It's almost as if he's seen a ghost!" Rilli is about to groan when Robert covers her mouth and chuckles politely. Robert whispers into Rilli's ear, "Be kind to the man! He's my mentor!" He then looks up at Mr. Fuji and explains, "Gengar was busy with more than just battles during my Pokemon Journey... See for yourself!" Robert steps aside, and Mr. Fuji can clearly see Rilli's Haunter and the egg she holds. "My, my!" Mr. Fuji steps up to examine the egg, "Who is the lucky Haunter?" "She's mine, sir." Mithril-rama smiles, running her hand down Haunter's back, watching her fingers phase right into the female ghost, "She's in love with Robert's Gengar and we'd like you to perform a wedding for them before the egg hatches..." Rilli looks at her Haunter, "If that's okay..." Haunter cuts Rilli off by throwing her egg into the air and clapping her hands, "Haw Haw Haw Haunter!" She nods enthusiastically and Gengar joins her in nodding until it looks like a head bobbing contest! One of the kids in the Pokemon Center starts playing his favorite song on a CD player: "What is Love?" which fits the scene in more ways than one. Haunter pauses for a moment to catch her egg before it hits the ground, then keeps bobbing. "I guess it's settled then!" Mr. Fuji laughs, "We should try to get these two married soon before their dead baby is born, so I'll call you in a few days to tell you when I have time to act as a Pokéminister in a Ghost Pokemon Wedding. Hey, I know, we can hold it in Pokémon Tower!" Robert nods, "That's a good idea. Well, anyway, I'll be expecting your call about the warehouse and the wedding." Robert grabs Rilli's hand, "We have to be going now. Rilli has a whole lot of work to do at home, and I feel that it's my job as her boyfriend to help her out!" He bows to Mr. Fuji and turns to head out, when he feels Mr. Fuji's hand on his back. "Huh?" When Robert turns around to face him, Mr. Fuji holds out his free hand, expecting something to be placed there, "One more thing before you leave. Can you return the Pokéflute that I let you borrow the last time you visited me? I only have a few left, and since you won't be needing it..." "Awww..." Robert reaches into his backpack and withdraws the yellow flute with the Pokeball decoration on it, "Can I please keep it? I've gotten really good at playing it! Listen!" Robert sticks the Pokéflute in his mouth and blows into it, producing a horrible noise that sounds like Seels during mating season. Robert's flute playing blocks out the music in the background. Gengar and Haunter stop bobbing their heads and stare in shock. Mr. Fuji pulls the Pokéflute out of Robert's lips when the baby Vulpix in the room starts crying and says, "Fine, Robert, you can keep it, but only on one condition - you never play it in the Pokemon Volunteer House again!" "Alright! Thanks, Mr. Fuji... for everything!" Robert pockets his Pokéflute, grabs Rilli's hand, and heads out of the Pokemon Volunteer House, headed back to Rilli's house with the Ghost Pokemon family close behind. He is completely oblivious of the two Team Rocket members, Meowth, Slowpoke, and Machop who are gathered at the other side of town. (( NS: Please don't interact with Robert for a while. I'm having computer problems and the interaction with Luthor is enough for now. )) -Robert