From: Lewis19 <> Subject: Re: [PW!][LEAGUE] Headin' Outta Town in Style! Date: Tuesday, February 29, 2000 3:49 PM On Tue, 29 Feb 2000 22:09:12 GMT "Meeko + Caterpie" <> wrote: > Headin' Outta Town in Style! > > Last time, our group headed out to Vermillion to be on the S.S. Anne > II, but now Meeko has to head back for a battle. > Note: Was due Sunday, but I forgot to post it. > > " Bye!" Meeko waved to the others. > " Go beat him!" Bridget yelled. > After hours of trekking, Meeko got an idea. > " Tiffany, use your Ice Beam attack!" > " Wartortle!" she replied, doing so. Meeko spread out her sleeping bag > and got everyone that couldn't fly on. > " Lifesaver, give us a push!" Lifesaver did so, and they flew smoothly > forward with Tiffany always Ice Beaming to make sure their icy road > never ended. > BUMP BUMP! > I said SMOOTHLY down the icy road. > BUMP BUMP BUMP! > " Hey! Stop jinxing it!" Meeko yelled. > I am not. I SAID SMOOTHLY DOWN THE ICY ROAD!!!! > BUMP BUMP BUMPIDEBUMP BUMP BUMP!!!! > Oh I give up, they just make it to Indigo after a shorter time than at > walking... > Meeko walked down the tunnel. > " You guys ready to fight?" the Pokémon all nodded and gave little > sounds, " Then let's go." > The doors opened for her and a blinding light came... > > Meeko was headed back to the S.S. Anne, with a grim face. Mike looked > at Bridget. > " What happened?" Meeko suddenly got a little grin on her face, and > started laughing! > " I won!" "Meeko?" Meeko turned on the SS Anne to see a familiar face sitting in a beach chair, sipping a lemonade. A familiar baby Jigglypuff was sitting next to him. "Lewis!?!?!" the others asked. Lewis jumped up in the hawaiian shirt he was wearing and said, "Hey everybody! What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at the League for the final tournament?" "Well, we heard the boat wasn't leaving until the competition ended, so here we are, making reservations!" Nicky said. "Great! Well, let's hack into the Pokemon League computers and see who Mike's fighting against!" Lewis says, pulling out a laptop clio. He pressed a few buttons and logged on. Images flashed up and finally cut into the League screen. Lewis' smile faded away and gaped. "Um... There must be some sort of error, one sec." he said. He pressed some buttons and gaped even further. "There's no error. Guys, we have a problem." Lewis said. "What?" Meeko asks. "Yah, who am I battling against?" Mike asks. Lewis licked his lips and turned the clio around. "He's fighting you, Meeko." Lewis said. TBC ------------------------------- Sigglypuff v1.2 "Not allowed? Me? I'm allowed everywhere!"-Lewis "We're the best, we're the beautiful, we're the only: Clan Caterpie 2000!"-Lewis -------------------------------- Author of Lewis, Mike, and Bridget characters copywrite 1999, blah blah blah, legal crap, blah blah, you get the idea. -- Free audio & video emails, greeting cards and forums Talkway - - Talk more ways (sm)