From: Prozackian Kid <> Subject: [PW!]Helping a new friend on his way Date: Saturday, February 12, 2000 1:59 AM Adam and Michelle had decided to wander around town for a bit. Adam had given all of his pokemon a rest break. They all wandered off except for Hitmonchan and Cubone. Michelle did the same except Persian stayed behind. They walked around till Michelle spotted a clothing store and disappeared inside for about half an hour. She came back out wearing dark blue shorts and a red T-shirt. They continued to walk around till they realized they were at the edge of town. They decided to take a little break before heading back into town. They had just sat down when they noticed what seemed to be a small kid followed by a squirtle, a spearow, a jigglpuff with a clefairy holding on to its arm. They continued to watch him untill they were right next to each other. "Hello" Adam said waving to the young kid as he walked by. "Hey, do you know where the Cerulean Gym is?" he asked politely. "Do you see that big building over there?" Michelle said pointing at it. "Yeah!" He said. "That's the gym" michelle told him. "Thank you" he said. "OH! Before you go, would you want a practice match before you fight Misty?" Adam asked. "Uhh" he said wondering. "Come on!" Adam said again. "Um, ok. I guess." "Good, it'll be a 3 on 3 match then" Adam said setting up the rules. "What is your name?" Michelle asked. "My name is Sam, and yours is?" "I'm Adam and this here is Michelle" Adam said pointing towards Michelle. Adam called out Hitmonchan while Sam called out Pitch. "Pitch! Rocketto Zutsuki!!!" Sam ordered "Chan! Thunder Punch!!!" Adam commanded Pitch slammed its head into Hitmonchan's stomach area knocking the breath right out of him before he even had a chance to react. He didn't faint, but the victory went to Pitch. Hitmonchan went to sit down. "Cubone! Bonemerang!!" Adam said giving another command. "Pitch! Water Gun!!" odered Sam Pitch shot at Cubone but barely missed. Cubone through the bone but missed a s well. "Pitch! Give it another Water Gun!!" Sam said Before pitch could get a shot off the bonemerang came back and hit Pitch in the back of the head. He didn't faint but had a major headach. He went to sit down. "Dynablade! Peck him!!" Sam shouted out another order. "Cubone! Rage!!!" Adam yelled out commands Dynablade kept pecking at Cubone until he started to tire out. Cubone took it at that time to release the Rage. He kept charging and slamming into Dynablade till Dynablade fainted. Cubone started glowing. Then it evolved into Marowak. "Marowak! Return!!" Adam said returning Marowak to its pokéball. "Princess. GO!!" Michelle said sending her Persian into battle "All right now, Kirby! Sing" Sam said smiling (he had a secret plan) "Jiiiiggggllllyyypppuuuuffff!!!" Kirby said signing. Persian knew of the signing capabilities of a Jigglypuff so it dug its back claws into the ground and started kicking gold coins at Kirby. (pay day) Kirby saw the opportunity of money and grabbed every piece that came his way. When Princess saw that Kirby took all of her money that she flung at him that outraged her because noone takes a Persians money, except for its master, and even then up to a point. Princess charged at Kirby and she stuck out her claws and slashed Kirby's back. "Puuuuffff!!!!!" Kirby said falling to the ground flinching. Princess began licking her furr. "FAIIRRRRRYYYYY!!!!!" said the clefairy growing angrier by the second. She started gathering energy and waving her finger at the Persian. Princess's hairs on her neck began to stiffen. She saw the Clefairy and decided now was a good time to run. But it was too late, Clefairy released the energy from her Metronome attack. A hyper beam was launched at the Persian, and no matter how hard she tried, princess couldn't get out of the way in time. She was hit directly and fainted on the spot. And Adam was not wanting to risk his Marowak concided defeat. Sam, Adam, and Michelle recalled their pokémon and headed towards the pokécenter. Adam and Michelle's pokémon rejoined the group a little before they arrived at the pokécenter. Sam's pokémon were first to be healed then Adam and Michelle's. After all were healed they said their goodbye's and Sam left to go battle Misty. "SAM!!! IF YOU USE CLEFAIRY, HOPE YOU GET EITHER GRASS OR ELECTRIC TYPE ATTACKS!!!" Adam shouted at Sam hoping that Sam would hear him. Adam and Michelle spent awhile in the pokécenter planning on where they would go next. ===================== TBC