From: Continue <> Subject: Re: [PW!][LEAGUE] Indigo's command. Damian Fox vs. Sirius! Date: Sunday, February 13, 2000 4:31 PM [NS]: Sirius had to be somewhere else today, so he wanted me to finish up the thread. Continue wrote: >Just like the first command that the Persian received, it seemed as the >cat had already come to the decision to perform it before it was >ordered "Kaboodle, Slash!". The mountain lion pokemon closed the >distance like a creme-colored rocket. Seadraís belly received another >paw full of claws and collapsed. > >The referee came over to inspect Seadra, but Kaboodle was nudging >the other pokemon with the tip of its paw. Damian yelled out "Hey! >Kaboodle! Stop that!". The catís ears turned backwards and its eyes >narrowed as if each word was a blow. It accepted the rebuke and >trotted back towards its trainer. > >After this the referee finally made the expected call and another block >disappeared from Siriusí side of the board.. One of the announcers >reacted to the light going out.. "Both trainers have two pokemon left >in the match, but Damianís is already out and has taken a strong blow. >Which of his two untouched pokemon will Sirius field?" This question was the very one going through Siriusí mind. "As long as no more of his pokemon have ice moves, then I donít need to use Gyarados. I might as well go with my best." he reasoned. With that he tossed another pokeball onto the field and yelled "Go, Reis!" From the white glow released by the pokeball, a Dragonite materialized. She gracefully glided over to take her place in front of the referee and the bedraggled-looking Persian that was to be her opponent. The referee raised both her flags then quickly dropped them to signal the start of the fight. The thought that entered Damianís mind was "Thereís no way that Kaboodleíll be able to take out that Dragonite. Iíll have to order a Screech to weaken it.". He was broken out of the thought when Sirius shouted his order from the other side of the field. "Reis, Hyper Beam!" It was too quick for Damian. He could already see the dragon pokemon charging her attack as he yelled out "Kaboodle, Scree--!". He was cut off as the multi-colored beam lanced out from the dragon and struck the feline. The force of the blow was enough to knock the cat pokemon off its feet and sliding a short distance across the field. Kaboodle slowly brought its head up and weakly uttered a "PersiaaaÖ" before its head fell to the ground again. The referee came over and quickly called Kaboodle unable to fight. Damian quickly returned the Persian to its pokeball. "It all comes down to this, "one of the announcers booms out "the newcomer, Damian, is down to his last pokemon. Sirius still has one pokemon that he could call after this one, but his Dragonite is still untouched. Damianís going to need something really impressive to get through this for the win. Something with an ice move would be perfect right about now." Damian looked over at Drake. "Okay, Iím going to need you here. None of the other pokemon I have could get through a Dragonite and be able to go through another pokemon, but I know you can do it." Drake looked over from his position by the young trainerís side at Reis. He visibly sniffed the air, then shook his head. "Youíre right, I could take that Dragonite out, but Iím not going to." Damianís eyes went wide and he stammered a protest. "B-but why?" The Dragonite looked at the human and simply told him. "Just like we agreed, if I donít want to fight, I donít fight. Youíll just have to make do with one of your other pokemon." Damian was about to protest further when the referee made her approaching presence known to him. "You have to choose your next pokemon now, or youíll be disqualified." The young trainer responded to her. "Alright, just give me another minute." He started to look through his other pokeballs, knowing that he didnít have enough time to try to convince Drake otherwise. He settled on a strategy of winning by stopping the other pokemon from attacking as he chose one of his pokeballs. He tossed it out on the field with a nearly imperceptible tinge of nervousness in his voice as he shouted "Go, Foci!" A Hypno appeared and nearly walked side-by-side with the referee as the two made their way over to stand before the Dragonite waiting on the field. Both trainers shouted their orders as soon as the referee finished signaling the start of the fight. "Reis, Hyper Beam!" "Foci, Hypnosis!" A pendulum started swinging, but that was all the psychic pokemon would get the chance to do. The Hyper Beam was quickly charged and blazed forth. It slammed into the yellow humanoid pokemon and sent it flying through the air. The pendulum hit the ground a few feet from Reis, while its owner hit the ground a few feet from Damian. The Hypno slid the last few feet and came to a rest at the young trainerís feet. He could see the pokemonís eyes closed tightly as a part of the pained expression on its face. He watched those eyes relax as the activity of the psychicís mind shifted and it became unconscious. The referee didnít need to check Foci since it had gone out of bounds. The giant scoreboard showed the last of Damianís blocks wink out and the picture changed. It had Siriusí picture and the words "Winner, Congratulations!" Cheering erupted from the crowd and reporters rushed on the field to try to get an interview with the winner. Jeff Hauser* *Sig Sold Seperately