From: Insanellama <> Subject: [PW!] Insanellama comes to.... Date: Saturday, January 08, 2000 6:45 PM Insanellama sat up. He shook his head in an attempt to clear it. "What the hell happened to me?" As if to answer the door to the room answered and a man in a black trenchcoat walked in. "Nap-time's over, time for the execution." "The wha?" Insanellama looked quickly around, he was in a plain white cell with no windows, and only one door. "uh-oh." Insanellama checked his belt. "Good, they missed the knife behind the buckle" he thought silently to himself. Too bad the man in front of him was holding a sub-machine gun. The man motioned for him to leave the room first. Insanellama stepped out the door. The man was following just a little to close for his own good. Insanellama bent over at the waist and slammed his boot into the man's crotch. At the same time, his left arm was coming up to grab the muzzle of the gun. He grabbed hold of it just as the man layed down on the trigger. Insanellama's right hand had already retrieved the knife from behind his belt buckle, and he flicked it into the man's chest. He ripped the gun free of the man's grasp, retrieved his knife, and the extra magazines for the gun. More guards were on the way who had heard the sound of the sub-machine gun. Insanellama looked around and saw his holster hanging on a wall. He belted it on. The hunting knife was with it, and he put it in it's place in the crease of his back. He couldn't find the other two throwing knives. Oh well, they were easy enough to replace. Jeff just wasn't having a good week. They had had a heck of a time catching this guy for execution, and now there was a problem in the part of the building where he was being kept. He ran head long around the corner, and knocked insanellama onto his back. Before he realized what was going on, something hard hit the back of his head. Insanellama was moving, but with no idea which way was out, he might just be going deeper into the building. He tossed out 2 pokeballs. Darkhorse and pikachu appeared before him. Without breaking stride, he picked up pikachu, and mounted Darkhorse. Insanellama shifted so he was facing backward's in the saddle. "Darkhorse, watch my six." Two men came chasing after him. They raised thier weapons only to recieve a double tap to their respective heads. Insanellama began to recognize things. This place looked suspiciously like one of the Team Rocket bases he had been taken to before, very much like the one near Pewter in fact. "Turn right, up the stairs!" Darkhorse followed orders. When they were about six flights up Insanellama told Darkhorse to stop. He was pretty sure this was the ground level. He looked through the door into the main building. Yep, this was it. He remounted Darkhorse and they charged through the doorway. Insanellama took out the two guards at the exit. "That was way too easy," he said to darkhorse. No sooner had he said it then he wished he hadn't opened his mouth. Up ahead was a road block, complete with two sherman tanks, and airsupport from an apache helicopter. "Stand down!" Shouted a voice through a loudspeaker. "Darkhorse stomp attack now!" Darkhorse leapt high into the air, stamped its hooved on the top of the tank and made another tremendous leap. "Full spead ahead" Insanellama and Darkhorse made dust, headed for Cerulean City. They road off into the sunset, at full speed. -- -Insanellama Watch your six. icq # 17681168 Aim nick: Insanelama