From: Insanellama <> Subject: [PW!]Insanellama plays a couple more rounds. Date: Sunday, January 23, 2000 6:35 AM Insanellama left the pokecenter, and went to the building for the tournament. He went in, found his table assignment, and went to set down. Before the others arrived, he swished a little corn whiskey around in his mouth. He picked up a slur in his voice as he said "Hello" to the man who sat down next. Then the dealer arrived. Insanellama waved. The other 3 men soon arrived, and the game began. Insanellama lost almost every hand for about an hour or so. "Heyyy, yooo guys, le' me win a fewww." "Yeah right pal, you're breath is 100 proof." "Whaddya talkin' abou?" The other men all just chuckled. That is, right up until Insanellama won an unusually large pot. Insanellama didn't loose any more chips for more than a hand. The game lasted about five hours. Eventually, everyone had left, and it was two brothers left at the table. Insanellama collected his winnings. He looked at the assignments. Buckwheat was in round 9 as well, but he was in a different bracket. Insanellama sighed, he had an hour or so before his next game. He went to his hotel suite to change. He put on his best set of gear, right down to the spurs that were so shiny the glare would blind you. He could see himself in his boots, and the Flyin L belt buckle was completely spotless. He went back into the building and sat down at his next assignment. When the opponents arrived, they looked mildly confused. "Where'd you come from?" "Yeah, we haven't seen you here before." "How'd you make it to the ninth round?" Insanellama shrugged in reply, and tipped his hat to the men. "Have a seat fellows, I'm here to win." They all finally sat down. Insanellama was all business this game. He didn't play any mind games, other than the fact that he was so intent on the game, that he didn't join in the banter that always took place. This was by no means a perfect game, and it was the toughest he had ever played. He managed to be the last man setting down though. He collected his winnings, and took chaoticllama for a walk. "Let me buy you a drink." he said, as they walked into a bar. "Sure, but make it a quick one, someone might get suspicious, and technically, I'm on duty." They had a drink, and talked for a couple of hours. Then they parted ways at the door. Insanellama went to his high roller's sweet. Chaoticllama took off for his own small room at an inn outside of town. TBC???????? -- -Insanellama icq # 17681168 Aim nick: Insanelama