From: Raikou <> Subject: [PW] (Insert Title To Keep You Reading Here) Date: Monday, February 14, 2000 5:54 AM "This sucks!" yelled Carots as he stormed into his home. CinnaMini was contently sitting there meditating, un-disturbed by Carot's outburt. Carots stood there and stared at CinnaMini, who was humming very silently. "Humm....I will be one with myself...hummm....." he continued with the talk which was useless in Carot's eyes, and was a total waste of time in which he could be out training. "Hello? You there, Mini?" he said, snapping his fingers in front of CinnaMini's face. He let out a short spurt of water towards Carot's flaming head, which was met with a fire punch in the shell. Carots grabbed his hand which was aching from hitting the hard shell. "Bwahaha. Now, what were you storming in about?" asked CinnaMini. Carots sighed. "We only have 1 month left until the beginning trainers come here. We have to find a way to avoid them. Remember last year? We barely escaped that one tacky looking kid with the bad hat. Our hiding places are being discovered. The forest isn't safe anymore for a Magmar and an Omastar, you know..." "Stop babbling. We'll be fine. I'll take care of the water pokemon and you take care of the grass, it's mutual for us." CinnaMini comforted. The "Big Day" that Carot talked about was the day when all of the trainers from the nearby town came into the forest to catch as many pokemon as they could. Carots and CinnaMini wanted to train together forever until they could beat every trainer in the forest---I'm disbanding these characters. Just won't work. Damn. -_-; -- -{[The Raikou]}- No, not the poke Raikou - Lightning god Formerly Known as Sux Giver of- I Love You Points (Only goes to Nat. ^_^) Rocket Points Exhaustion Points I have- 100 Pokemon Lore Points Maker of- Nothing yet. Quotes- Want to be in my quotes? Say something stupid in AIM Chat. TR Lugia: *kisses Sux* TR Lugia: Hand him this. *kisses Sux* TR Kueizaaa: I'm a Power Ranger dammit! SlntHGlaiv: Tis why I jumped out of a sinking butt. ^_^ Mega Silver 2k: Why would anyone want to be Quasar? Sux The Red Mage: I like dressing in women's clothing SaiyanKid2000: huh Mega Silver 2k: *kisses sux* AIM Name- The Raikou