From: Time Lady <> Subject: [PW!][League]It had to happen sooner or later: Sarah Jane vs. Jon Date: Monday, February 21, 2000 7:57 PM RL Note: Instead of the coin flip method of choosing a winner, Jon and I decided to actually battle this match out. Here are the results (with some additions). The match was moderated by Dreadite, with Kirby, RainDance, and Zephyr joining in. And now, back to the story..... Damian asked the nurse to turn on the television in his hospital room, the bandages making it difficult to manipulate the remote control. The latest match of the Pokemon League Round 6 battles was about to start. Damian was almost glad he was still in the hospital. It would be difficult watching two of your closest friends battle, and being right there would make it even harder. At least here in the hospital he didn't have to cheer for one or the other. In the stadium---- <begin AIM battle> ::Kirby turns on the battle theme:: Draedite: And now, the moment all of you have been waiting for! Sarah Jane vs Jon! Julia: Woo Draedite: Jon sends out the zippy electric Jolteon! Draedite: Sara Jane sends out Tangela! SarahJaneEckert: Go Medusa! ::Kirbys start cheering:: RainDanceAGNP: Jon starts with his Jolteon vs Sara Jane's Medusa! Can the vine take out the cat on caffine? <Shields waves an imaginary sign> Julia: ::buys popcorn:: Draedite: Jolteon uses Toxic! Tangela is badly poisoned! Draedite: Tangela uses Sleep Powder, Jolteon falls asleep! Julia: Woo Keyan: *hijacks the helicopter that's covering the aerial shots and buzzes the stadium* RainDanceAGNP: Talk about a double KO! The vine is now poisoned and the walking voltage is out like a light! JonfromCinnabar: Man, I can't believe it fell asleep. SarahJaneEckert: <sighs in relief> Draedite: Tangela takes 20 from poison. Draedite: Sara Jane switches to Dugtrio! Jolteon sleeps! Julia: Woo get the Jolteon!! Draedite: Jon sends in Kabutops! Julia: Get that crap out of here! RainDanceAGNP: Within a matter of moments, the battle switches from one of surviving to one that tests a Pokemon's strength! As Sara Jane sends out Dugtrio, and Jon replaces the Caffine Addict with Kabutops! JonfromCinnabar: Jolteon! Get out of there! Kabutops, go! ::indecisive Kirbys hold up one sign with a Tangela, another with Kabutops:: SarahJaneEckert: C'mon Digger! Draedite: Dugtrio uses Earthquake! Critical hit! It's Super Effective! Draedite: Kabutos fainted! SarahJaneEckert: <phew> Julia: WOOO! JonfromCinnabar: Whoa RainDanceAGNP: Digger hits the water main folks! Kabutops is pushing up daisies! Draedite: Jon puts in Venusaur. RainDanceAGNP: Ref> Kabutops is unable to battle, the match goes to Digger and Sara Jane! Draedite: SaraJ switches to Beedril! <Shields waves imaginary pompoms while doing the splits> Julia: woo beedrill! SarahJaneEckert: Do it Tweedle! Julia: He's saving Ninetale's for last! ::hides:: RainDanceAGNP: Jon's not giving up anytime soon though! Out comes his his walking palm tree, I mean Venusaur! Sara Jane switches too, bringing out Tweedle, the Beedrill! Draedite: Venusaur uses Razor Leaf! Critical hit, it's not very effective! Draedite: 76 damage! RainDanceAGNP: Tweedle's going to be picking leaves out of places he didn't even know he had after that... Julia: Finish him!!! JonfromCinnabar: There's a twineedle coming. JonfromCinnabar: Or a pin missile. Julia: Damn straight. Draedite: Beedril uses Twin Needil! Critical hit! It's super effective! (Is sick of typing that already). It hit two times! Venusaur fainted! Julia: This doesn't mean I hate you. <Spunky bites Cuddles' tail. Cuddles chases Spunky around the gated section of the podium.> Julia: WOO! JonfromCinnabar: Aack. SarahJaneEckert: Cuddles, Spunky! STOP IT! Draedite: Jon puts in Ninetales! Julia: That's two down. RainDanceAGNP: Out of no where he comes the Tweedle...I mean, twinneedle of death! Venusaur is overwhelmed and goes splat! Although here comes Jon's Ninetales.... Draedite: Sara Jane switches to Staryu! Julia: Watch out for the toxic/firespin combo! Julia: ::jots down notes:: ::watches as Jon sobs quietly:: SarahJaneEckert: <puts leashes on Cuddles and Spunky and ties leashes to opposite sides of the podium> Draedite: Jon's Ninetales uses Flamethrower! Critical hit! It's not very effective! 150 damage! Julia: Woo Ninetales! Draedite: Jon switches in the sleeping Jolteon! RainDanceAGNP: Here comes Sara Jane's Staryu! Let's hope Ninetales has some juice...and boy he does! Stayu's going be burnt in a few sensitive places after that... Draedite: Staryu used Recover! Draedite: Staryu gained health. JonfromCinnabar: ^_^ RainDanceAGNP: Maybe the Staryu is tougher than it looks....atleast it's learned Recover.... Draedite: Staryu uses Ice Beam. It does 57 damage! Julia: Staryu? Sapphire..:sniff:: Draedite: Jolteon wakes up! JonfromCinnabar: YEEHA! RainDanceAGNP: Staryu blasts Jolteon with its Ice Beam....and the jolt seems to have awakened Caffine Boy! Draedite: Sara Jane sends in Digger, the Dugtrio! Julia: Switch out!!! ::waves hands frantically:: <Cuddles and Spunky growl at each other with Shields in the middle> Julia:: Woo Draedite: Jolteon uses Thunderbolt! It doesn't affect Dugtrio! RainDanceAGNP: Ewww....Jolts just wasted 10,000 volts on a frivilous Thunderbolt. Draedite: Jon sends in Pidgeot! Draedite: Dugtrio uses Earthquake! It doesn't affect Pidgeot! Julia: ::waves at Jon:: RainDanceAGNP: Out comes Pidgeot! It's pulling a stunt all its own avenging Jolteon, by wasting one of Digger's Earthquakes! Draedite: Dugtrio uses Rock Slide! It's super effective! 124 damage! Julia: WOO Draedite: Pidgeot uses Fly! It flew up high! RainDanceAGNP: Ewww! That caught the bird brain off guard! Although it counters is now in its element above the stadium! Keyan> *notices a bird upwards and pulls the stick to the left trying to get the 'Copter out of the line of fire* Draedite: Sara Jane switches to Hypno! JonfromCinnabar: ::isn't having a good day:: SarahJaneEckert: Svengali, it's your turn.... Julia: woo ::waves hands:: RainDanceAGNP: And out comes Svengali the Hypno! Can it take the hit of the flying Pidgeot? Draedite: Pidgeot uses Fly! 91 damage to Hypno! Draedite: Jon switches to Jolteon, in the juggle match we're having today! Kirb9701: @.@ SarahJaneEckert: <mentally calculates what Jon has left while Shields builds an imaginary wall between the warring Nidoran siblings> Draedite: Hypno uses Psychic! 113 damage! Draedite: Jolteon uses Thunderbolt! 110 damage to Hypno! Draedite: Hypno uses Hypnosis! Jolteon is sleeping! Keyan> *lands ontop of the Goodmonth Blimp and slashes the massive gas bag with his knife* Draedite: Jolteon is sleeping! Draedite: Hypno uses Dream Eater! 123 damage, Hypno heals 62 HP! Draedite: Jon switches in Butterfree! Julia: Finally a good pokemon. woo Draedite: Butterfree uses Sleep Powder! Hypno is snorin! Draedite: Hypno sleeps! Draedite: Sara Jane sends in Dugtrio! Kirb9701: ;;everyone cheers:: Julia: Yay Digger. <Sarah Jane holds her breath in anticipation> Draedite: Butterfree uses Psychic! 79 damage to Dugtrio! JonfromCinnabar: Ugliness. Draedite: Dugtrio's Special Fell. Julia: ::awaits Digger's rock slide:: Draedite: Dugtrio uses Rock Slide! Critical hit! it's super effective! 618 damage! Butterfree falls over, twitching. SarahJaneEckert: <to Cuddles and Spunky> If you two don't settle down, you're going to be in trouble. JonfromCinnabar: Ouch. SarahJaneEckert: <blinks in surprise> Draedite: Jon sends in Ninetales! SarahJaneEckert: <tightens the hold on their leashes> You two behave_NOW_. Draedite: Dugtrio uses Earthquake! it's super effective! 282 damage! Draedite: Ninetales uses Flamethrower! Critical hit! Dugtrio faints! Julia: Send out staryu!! JonfromCinnabar: I GOT ONE! Kirb9701: !... JonfromCinnabar: YES! SarahJaneEckert: <sweatdrop> Draedite: Sara Jane sends in Staryu! Draedite: Ninetales uses Double Team! Its evade rose! Draedite: Staryu misses with Surf! Draedite: Ninetales uses Toxic! Draedite: Staryu is badly poisoned! Draedite: Staryu uses Surf! Ninetales faints! Julia: WOO! ::cheers:: SarahJaneEckert: <lets loose deep breath> Draedite: Jon sends in Pidgeot! Julia: Last one! Come on! Draedite: Pidgeot is Glowing! Julia: Hurry and Finish it!! Draedite: Staryu uses Ice Beam! It's super effective! 152 damage! Damage from poison to Staryu. Draedite: Pidgeot uses Sky Attack! Critical hit! Staryu faints! JonfromCinnabar: I fainted two! Whoo! Pokeman: *walks in* Draedite: Sarah Jane sends in... Dewgong! SarahJaneEckert: <recalls Asterik> Good job. <turns around> Will you two quit it! <sends out Snowflake> Kirb9701: therre's one we haven't seen yet... Draedite: Pidgeot is glowing! JonfromCinnabar: It's dead, Jim. Draedite: Dewgong uses Blizzard! It's super effective! Pidgeot faints! Pokeman: So this is KFP, right? Draedite: And so, jon is forced to send out Jolteon. JonfromCinnabar: *sends in the 40 HP Jolteon, hoping it'll awake* Draedite: It is asleep. Julia: Woo! Finish off the Jolteon! Draedite: Jolteon wakes up! JonfromCinnabar: Holy.... Draedite: Dewgong uses Blizzard! Jolteon faints. JonfromCinnabar: Damn. Narrator: ... JonfromCinnabar: *collapses to knees* Pokeman: Nevermind, get back here you Beedrill. Julia: WOO! Yay SJ! ::jumps up and down:: Draedite: Jon's team lost in what's gotta be the most switches I've seen in a long time! The winner is Sarah Jane Eckert! SarahJaneEckert: <lets out another deep breath that she didn't realize she was holding> JonfromCinnabar: *runs across the field with a smile on his face* JonfromCinnabar: *meets Sarah Jane at the bottom of the podium with a grin on his face* SarahJaneEckert: <unties Cuddles and Spunky's leases, then hands Cuddle's leash to Shields> Well, it had to happen sooner or later.... ::The Cinnabar Lab:: Tech: That Butterfree sucked. ::Stadium:: SarahJaneEckert: I wish I had to fight anyone but you.... JonfromCinnabar: That's the problem with traveling together, you knew my Pokemon way too well. Julia: that was a enlightening experience....::tucks notebook away:: SarahJaneEckert: Not necessarily. It could have been the same for me, but I had enough pokemon that I could bring out ones that you weren't expecting. ::Lab:: I've never seen a Butterfree twitch like that before. ::Stadium:: JonfromCinnabar: And the Sleep killed me. SarahJaneEckert: Well, sometimes its a matter of just trying to think about what would have been most effective.... and a sleeping opponent isn't about to attack. JonfromCinnabar: Nice job. *shakes SJ's hand* SarahJaneEckert: You too.... <Cuddles chases Spunky. Their leashes wrap around the trainers and Shields> Oh no.... not the press.... <a crowd throngs towards the tangled trainers> Hospital---- Damian sat back, rather glad he wasn't the person who had to fight Sarah Jane. He wondered if the two would get untangled before the press closed in.... -- (o)_(o) || Time Lady, _(^*^)_ ||, (__ __) || Visit the Mystic Manor Homepage /_/\_\ ||