From: RobfromVoid <> Subject: Re: [PW!] It Takes No Balls... Date: Wednesday, February 16, 2000 2:50 PM Shimarisu wrote: > "I don't *think* I'm a Ditto," Nisemon said suddenly, as if to reassure > her. Still, Minax's finger twitched over the trigger of her gun. She > was about to point it at him, when he spoke again. > > "I need some clothes," he observed, completely detached from the > seriousness of the sitation. But for Nisemon, *nothing* could have been > more threatening than Doppler's visions. "My clothes... are kind of > dissolving." > > Minax stared in astonshment. The lab coat was indeed dissolving. > Remnants of the psuedo-cloth floated off into the air, turning to dust > that blew away in the wind. The red-haired female Rocket stares at Nisemon with one eyebrow lowered, wondering how a lab coat could dissolve without the application of some sort of acid. Minax slides her unloaded revolver into her holster and crosses her arms, waiting for Nisemon's clothes to disappear, wanting to see if the androgynous being really is a guy as he claims to be, "I'll know whether or not you're a surviving part of Doppler soon enough. Ditto tend to make mistakes where the sun doesn't shine." "What are you saying?" The scientist falls to his knees as the last pieces of his lab coat disappear, "What about my human dignity? I can't show you my shame. It's... wrong." Nisemon wonders why he believes what he's saying despite its absurdity. Minax is surprised to see Nisemon's nude body. The scientist is covering his genitals with his hands, and though Minax can't determine Nisemon's real gender, the fact that he's ashamed forces her to suspect that he's not a Ditto, despite the fact that he saw him Transform from a Meowth to the human being that he is now, "Even if you are a Ditto, I'm sure that you're not part of Doppler, since he would be playing 'Who's your daddy?' by now. So, I'll give you clothes, whatever you are." Minax rummages through the sack on her belt, looking for any outfits she snatched from Team Rocket Headquarters. "You save the poor from evil and clothe the naked." Nisemon bows his head towards Minax, "You are a very saintly woman." "You're about to be a very saintly woman, too." Minax smirks, throwing Nisemon a Channeler outfit which she was planning on using to visit her deceased Poliwhirl's ghost in Pokemon Tower long ago. Minax never went to visit him, however, since she realized that the Tower was not a good place for a Pokemon poacher to visit, what with all the Ghost Pokemon who would want revenge. Minax winks at Nisemon, "You can wear this costume as long as you don't channel Doppler." "I won't do anything of the sort..." Nisemon clenches the old woman's outfit close to his chest, "Who is Doppler, anyway?" "That is Doppler." Minax points at a lifeless pile of purple dust on the muddy ground, "That *was* Doppler." She walks up to the remains of the Pokemon who made so many people suffer so much, glaring at the pile of dust, "Ashes to ashes, Doppler to dust. But, just in case - Pidgey, Use Gust." Though the order is given lyrically, Fluke the Pidgey, who is flapping his wings to stay aloft next to Minax, understands the command. He flaps his wings faster and harder until a large tornado of wind forms right over Doppler's dust. The Gust scatters each individual particle of the fiend's dust away from the rest. Minax is well aware of the bounty Team Rocket has on Doppler, but she knows that if Team Rocket is given the Ditto's remains, they're likely to create an entire army of Dopplers using his DNA, with the false belief that putting little suits of armor on them would keep them under control. Minax has heard of Mewtwo, but she doesn't want to hear about Dopplertwo, Dopplerthree, Dopplerfour, and so on. When the Gust attack is over, Minax returns Fluke to his Pokeball, takes in a deep breath of fresh air, then exhales it in a happy sigh, a rare type of sigh for a person like Minax, "Rest in Pieces, Doppler." "I look horrible in this dress." Nisemon reminds Minax of his presence. While Minax was disposing of Doppler's ashes in such a way to prevent him from reforming like the T1000 from the movie Terminator 2, Nisemon was getting dressed. He's almost finished. Nisemon puts a habit on his head to complete his outfit, then says, "Now I have some clothes, but I can't go around like this. Where do I go now? Is there any place that can tell me who I am or what I'm doing here? Can you?" Minax looks at Nisemon's pleading eyes, and figures that she might as well perform one more good deed while she's on a roll, "Exactly one year ago, I found myself in the same predicament that you are in right now." Minax reaches into her black sack and withdraws a one year old pamphlet. It is an advertisement for the S. S. Anne. Minax reads the title of the ad aloud to Nisemon, "The Fabulous Annual S. S. Anne Cruise - Boarding in Vermilion Port, February 18th." She puts the piece of paper in Nisemon's hand and says, "This is where I found out who I really am. It's your turn, whatever you are." Nisemon studies the paper and notices that there is a detailed map on it. After a thorough examination of the pamphlet, he looks up to thank Minax and ask more questions, but she is gone like the wind that blew away Doppler's dust. -Minax